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I believe…

1. in God.
2. my kids are amazing.
3. I am better because I married a “Crazy Girl” named Liza
4. that it’s okay for boys to really be boys.
5. everyone should learn to fish.
6. my kids will determine my success here on Earth.
7. South Dakota really is a special place to live.
8. CrossFit is the best way to prepare your body for life.
9. in the truth.
10. life really is short.
11. in America.
12. in doing whatever it takes.
13. who you surround yourself with will have the greatest impact on your success.
14. opportunity is everywhere.
15. that current schooling is almost worthless in work-life application.
16. it’s almost impossible to work lazy out of someone.
17. in the death penalty.
18. everyone deserves a fair shot.
19. I am lucky to be born to parents who love me.
20. I am expected to do much with my life.
21. debt is an evil that zaps life out of people.
22. wise really is better than smart.
23. the free-spirit of your youth should not be lost.
24. Skyforce basketball is better family entertainment than the NBA.
25. a best friend is a sacred gift.
26. my brother is a walking miracle.
27. hunting with your son creates lifetime memories.
28. memories you can take with you.
29. you should defend that which is important to you.
30. in first impressions.
31. and second chances.
32. carpe diem
33. in being late if the “now” is something you will never forget.
34. in the power of community.
35. in myself.
36. and in others.
37. we are expected to do good works.
38. manual labor does not do itself.
39. life hurts.
40. and life is amazing.
41. watching a baby grow to a child is the greatest gift.
42. Dad is the best title (I need to update my business cards ;).
43. my kids are better as a result of my wife’s investment and sacrifices for them.
44. if you sleep 8 hours a night, you may be wasting time.
45. in a good party every now and then.
46. country music is awesome.
47. in being upfront.
48. text, email, IM will never replace the integrity or real of face-to-face.
49. time heals.
50. with the help of all of you, we can get this list to 1000+

So, what do you believe?  950 to go…


51 Responses to “I believe…”

  1. Leah Hofer says:

    Hey Greg, I noticed that you didn’t mention the Vikings…. :) Ouch…sorry I couldn’t resist.
    Great list!

  2. Casey says:

    51. Jack Daniel’s is better than the expensive stuff.
    52. There’s no better therapy than a barbell and some plates.
    53. I have the best people around me anyone could ask for.
    54. There’s no such thing as luck, only right or wrong decisions.
    55. I can do anything, literally, if I put myself in the right position.
    56. In speaking my mind no matter who I piss off.
    57. You only deserve what you earn, and anything worth earning is hard.
    58. Money isn’t the root of all evil, but its right up there.
    59. It’s pop, not soda, so get it right.
    60. If you don’t fully enjoy being American, I suggest you leave.
    61. I believe my dad is the hardest-working person I’ve ever known, and my mom the most caring.

  3. Tracy K says:

    62. Failure is your best mentor.
    63. Those that fail to change are bound to fail.
    64. You should live life outside your comfort zone.
    65. Holding grudges is a waste of time.
    66. That only you can truly make yourself happy.
    67. You are exactly where you are suppose to be right now.
    68. A good friend is always better than a high paid therapist.
    69. H1N1 is just the pharmaceutical companies attempting to make more money by injecting potentially dangerous chemicals into your system.
    70. A barbell is your friend, not your enemy.
    71. A child is shaped and molded by their parents… so treat them right.
    72. In being blunt with people.
    73. Smiling is contagious…. spread the wealth.
    74. It’s ok to dance behind your barbell in Oly Class… do what YOU need to do to have fun!!

  4. Leah Hofer says:

    Ok, so all 3 of you are going to make me cry with your lists. :)
    75. Starters are a dime a dozen, Finishers are 1 in a million!
    76. Tell people you love them often.
    77. Stop trying to fix those you love, instead fuel them.
    78. You don’t have to be perfect, just persevere.
    79. Don’t let the option to quit become greater than your desire to climb!
    80. Don’t tell God how big your problems are, tell your problems how big your God is!
    81. Keep moving. The Climb by Miley Cyrus…is a pretty good song.
    82. What do ACDC, Big Daddy Weave, Evanescence, Hannah Montana, Journey, John Denver, Kenny G, Metallica, Nickelback, Eminem, Monifah, Lady Gaga, & Katy Perry have in common? They are all a part of my play list & I am not schizophrenic! :)
    83. MOM is the best title I have ever had!
    84. Definitely use TOP SHELF Tequila in my margartias or I will have a headache and the room will spin.
    85. I love CF SF!! Thank you for believing in me. You have no idea what a difference you have made in my life.

  5. Leah Hofer says:

    86. (copied from a friend) The work is always here. I keep pounding forward while enjoying the game. I use to think that I would work hard and then retire some day and do all the things I dreamed about. I have learned plans change, friends die, money comes and goes. I must enjoy everyday, here in my mind and body; now. Tomorrow may never come. Live it up and share more. I am my american dream.

  6. AHoff says:

    87.5:30am is the best at CFSF…so many random things happen at that time of the morning there!
    88. Vodka water is the way to go because you are staying hydrated at the same time of drinking.
    89. The Huskers will win the day after Thanksgiving game this year!(sorry for your loss that day Matty B).
    90. OHS are the greatest!
    91. Long socks are meant for CrossFit.

  7. Greg Nelson says:

    92. this post will keep people coming back to see what is added.
    93. that there are people out there who have read all 93 so far and want to add to it but for some reason do not.
    94. they should comment.
    95. facebook, with all of its coolness, is not really that cool compared to being together in person.
    96. Long socks are also meant for long legs.
    97. cold beer leads to great stories.
    98. in knowing the first name of your garbage man, UPS driver and the guy in the McDonald’s drive-thru is natural. I appreciate your service Duffy, Wade and Kelly.
    99. in chasing my wife around the house, even if it irritates her and she tells me to stop.
    100. that my babies laugh is priceless. Yes she is 3, but she will always be my baby.
    101. everyone should do chores on a farm.
    102. snowboarding in deep powder is one of the joys of winter.
    103. seeing the eyes of a young boy shoot his first clay pigeon is awesome.
    104. we all need to re-focus from time to time.
    105. my kids grandparents are all 4 special people.

  8. mamacita says:

    106. that being the mother of four boys ROCKS!
    107. I appreciate my husband grabbing my ass every day even if it in the check out line at Hy-Vee.
    108. you get what you put in and people get what they deserve.
    109. that my mom is amazing.
    110. you should be kinder than necessary everyone is fighting some kind of battle.
    111. Cfsf has changed my life.
    112. God
    113. in my marriage.
    114. in my friends.
    115. in my children.
    116. in myself.
    117. I will be back to post again.

  9. mamacita says:

    118. patron

  10. jgerdes says:

    119. that having a twin brother was the best thing that ever happened to my childhood.
    120. that my dad is and always will be my hero.
    121. that dogs can always make me feel better.
    122. that being out of breath after doing something competitive is, and always will be, worth it.
    123. that CF has made me realize what is unhealthy.
    124. that one day i will compete in a crossfit games.
    125. that love can and will conquer hate.
    126. that spicy food is the best food.
    127. that food and drink made by hand is the best.
    128. in going to sleep right about now so I can be up at 0445 for a 0530 CF WOD :D

  11. Angie says:

    129. That everyone thinks they are an expert, very few actual are.
    130. In admitting when your wrong
    131. In open communication and not just assuming people know what you are thinking
    132. That most people are kind and try to do the right things
    133. In saying your sorry
    134. That life is an adventure
    135. That work is just a job, it pays the bills but make sure your main focus is on the things that make you happy, life is too short
    136. That hitting golf balls on the driving range on a nice summer night is way more calming then yoga
    137. In only trying to control that which you can control and not worrying about those you can’t.
    138. That your never too old to start something new

  12. Manda says:

    139. even after falling, a strong and determined person can and will return to their feet no matter what it takes.
    140. The situation you are in is the situation you choose to be in one way or another-there are always choices in life.
    141. Every child deserves the opportunity to shine.
    142. Every negative thing you say to someone or about someone will come back 10 fold on you
    143. in Karma
    144. The universe has the steering wheel, I just hold the map.
    145. South Dakota is a magnificent place with wonderful people-I am so glad I wound up here.
    146. Hard work is the first building block to success.
    147. All children should have chores and help around the house.
    148. Every one over the age of 13 should know how to, and successfully do, their own laundry.
    149. Success is not measured in wealth or job title-it is measured in your ability to enjoy life’s gifts.
    150. in soul mates
    151. There is nothing a hug can’t at least temporarily cure
    152. Alcohol is not necessary to have a good time.
    153. Teachers are the unsung heroes of the world and deserve to be on the top.

  13. AI says:

    154…that I will have a love affair with my life.
    155…that I will not settle in a marriage.
    156…that he is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.
    157…that the only dogs that count are Golden Retrievers.
    158…that asking individuals about themselves is more important then sharing about your life, needs, wants, and desires.
    159…that hard work is also about the attitude.
    160…in a good cry.
    161…in a good shot of tequila with the girls.
    162…in constructive criticism.
    163…that this life should not be about me.
    164…that I make mistakes and the desire to learn from them.
    165…in sincerely apologizing.
    166…in shopping.
    167…in journaling.
    168…in a good sweat.
    169…in humility.
    170…in oxymorons…junk food and eating healthy.
    171…that my children will live in a completely different society then I have.
    172…no man will ever complete me or be my happiness; however, he and I can be great partners in crime.
    173…in having not a single regret.
    174…in soft beds and naps.
    175…the Midwest has the most loyal and hilarious individuals EVER.
    176…the Metro in Washington, DC, is the greatest transit system in the world.
    177…life has different seasons, and it is okay to have the ebb and flow of life.
    178…faith is crucial to any business, marriage, friendship, and every part of life.
    179…that blood is not thicker than water.
    180…that adoption is a story that is much more complex then people think.
    181…pudding and jello are weird, and make me think of blobs of fat…but pudding does taste good even if I have to close my eyes to eat it.
    182…that cheese in a can is a sin…GROSS.
    183…that Taco John’s is excellent at 2 a.m.
    184…that we remember the words of a person and have the ability to make or break us.
    185…that if I can do a box jump on a 24 inch box, there is no excuse for anyone taller then me…

  14. barb paa says: the power of Prayer
    187..that I will never perfect my sisters recipe for Chocolate Chip cookies, but every time I try I think of her. having family traditions sitting down for dinner every night as a family and talking about our day following your dreams and having a passion for them.

  15. LD says:

    I Believe…
    191. In choices, but be ready to deal with the consequenses of those choices.
    192. The South Dakota Martini is the best drink ever!! (Budlight, Tomato juice, Olives)
    193. It is important to let certain things go, cut them loose.
    194. In not expecting recognition for all your efforts. Don’t expect a pat on the back every time.
    195. My love for my family and friends will never be understood.
    196. A hangover is God’s way of saying you kicked @$$ last night :)
    197. In the power of prayer. Tell God what you are thankful for EVERY DAY!!
    198. Trust
    199. Forgiveness
    200. Happy wife = Happy Life
    201. Good moms have sticky floors, dirty ovens, and happy kids
    202. Brothers are the best friends ever… Even as adults!
    203. I am not where I want to be yet… but I am closer than I was yesterday
    204. In saying I love you every day

  16. 205. 3 glasses of wine put the odds in my favor.
    206. the world is small.
    207. deep within human nature, everyone has something in common.
    208. ideas are worthless, execution is priceless.
    209. “thinkers” need to still “do”
    210. Proverbs has the answer I need when in doubt.
    211. my wife truly does make my life better…everyday.
    212. marriage is work, but so worth it.
    213. if you are having marriage troubles, a bad day, or just because – try this…
    214. it is exciting to read what others post here. Insight into hearts, minds, goals, differences, similarities. Are you willing to lay YOURSELF out there?
    215. who judges me on Earth does not matter. I will be judged 1x only and it will be at the end by my creator.
    216. lawsuits suck.
    217. you need more than a plan B. The alphabet was not long enough for me.
    218. everyone should love nature.
    219. NYC is a must visit.
    220. sand between my toes typically means happiness.


  17. Kristen Hegg Zueger says:

    221. ….there are never enough hours in a day.
    222. ….your children can make you smile the most, laugh the hardest and cry from the deepest part of your soul.
    223. ….the people I’ve met at CFSF are some of the most genuine, caring and fun people I’ve ever encountered.
    224. ….I never knew I could push myself this hard on a daily basis, and love it!
    225. ….I will achieve my first pull-up without a band, soon.
    226. ….a strong work ethic will lead to success.
    227. ….in always telling the truth, even it if means I’m wrong or I’m admiting my mistakes.
    228. ….business and family values are imperative as a roadmap to help guide our daily decisions.
    229. ….CFSF is the best thing that ever happened to me.
    230. ….family time is precious.
    231. ….technology doesn’t allow for true vacations.
    232. ….investing your hard earned money wisely is crucial.
    233. ….risk taking allows you to expand your horizons.
    234. ….CFSF has THE best coaches.
    235. ….A daily hit of athletic induced endorphins gives you the power to make better decisions, helps you be at peace with yourself and offsets stress.
    236. ….one can never be too organized.
    237. ….making every effort to get along with all those around you, even your biggest competitor or your worst enemy, will pay dividends.
    238. ….community involvement is important.
    239. ….giving will make a difference.

  18. Stacey D says:

    240. in retail therapy
    241. to give more than you take
    242. in my two sweet girls
    243. in CFSF. It has changed my life in so many different ways and I am so very thankful.
    244. that our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become.
    245. husband and wife only vacations
    246. to be thankfull for what God has given you every day and we all have our own cross to carry
    247. in surrounding yourself with positive people

  19. Stacey D says:

    248. and in using spell check:)

  20. Tasha says:

    I believe…
    249. in encouragement.
    250. in hugs.
    251. in a good ass kickin’ in a workout.
    252. in soreness(which tends to be often from a workout at CF).
    253. in listening
    254. in unconditional love.
    255. in being the best mother I can be.

  21. 256. we can re-number this post in the end. For now, we just need more. (ok, changed my mind ;)
    257. that even if my best days are behind me (who knows), there is still amazing ahead.
    258. Casey should shut his mouth when he says “your comments don’t count” to me on this journey to 1000.
    259. getting your 1st rope climb at age 34 is an amazing feeling.
    260. GMC trucks are awesome.
    261. “he is a great guy” combined with “don’t piss him off” make awesome. I am not Chuck Norris.


  22. Niki says:

    I believe…..
    262. in laughter.
    263. that everyone has a story.
    264. that everyone can make a difference.
    265. in consequences for our actions
    266. in being respectful.
    267. in manners – pleases and thank yous!
    268. setting goals.
    269. never settling.
    270. it is what it is and just dealing with it.
    271. in my husband.
    272. in just kicking ass sometimes.
    273. in my friends.
    274. what comes around goes around.
    275. in the beauty of this world.
    276. in my girls.
    277. that competition is a good thing.
    278. in not making excuses.
    279. in learning from my mistakes.
    280. that moms can have it all.

  23. 281. text messaging something you know you should say in person is cowardice.
    282. once you hit send, it’s gone and you better be ready to answer for your words.
    283. potlucks rock.
    284. and so does Golden Corral.
    285. the status quo is regressive.
    286. routine should occasionally be shattered.
    287. a funeral is a poor time to have a family reunion.
    288. walking my daughters down the aisle will give me a feeling I will have never felt before.
    289. in “I love you, I am proud of you, and you are good at…”
    290. opening the door for others.
    291. in seeing what your kids love to do instead of what you always want them to do.
    292. clear directions eliminate BS results.


  24. Paige says:

    225. In adopting, and not buying pets.
    226. People are responsible for their own happiness
    227. Less is more.
    228. Sioux falls needs another krispy kreme.
    229. people should spend more time outside
    230 people should spend their money on experiences and not material things
    231. In my family. They make me a better person.
    232. That a hot bath is the best therapy.
    233. In sunscreen, vitamins, organic foods, chapstick and good beer.
    233. I depend on technology to much.
    234. In camping , roasting marshmallows,, and fishing.

  25. Mamacita says:

    293. kids should not receive participation trophies.
    294. When ever a door closes another one opens.
    295. In wishing upon a star.
    296. That just because you talk to yourself doesn’t mean you are crazy.
    297. Codys mobility training today is just what the doctor ordered.
    298. Hockey is an awesome sport!
    299. Flying is way better than driving.
    300. I will become a pilot.
    301. I am getting stronger.
    302. Boys think the word “fart” is funny their entire life.

  26. Manda says:

    303. If I can see it, then I can be it.
    304. If I just believe it, there’s nothin’ to it.

  27. CarlyR says:

    306. You have to love yourself before others can love you.
    307. DVD players in cars should be reserved for long car rides, not for driving around town. Talk to your kids people! :)
    308. Having a child made me truly understand how much my parents loved me!
    309. People need to put away iPods, iPads, smart phones etc and talk more.
    310. There is no better title in the world than Mom.
    311. Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make.
    312. Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you are right.
    313. Life can change in a blink of an eye. Don’t wait until its too late to do what you want to and say what you need to.

  28. jgerdes says:

    314. in a beer, bonfires and friends.
    315. in helping people at every opportunity
    316. in learning.
    317. people when they say I can’t dance but I’m gunna do it anyway :D
    318. in smiling a lot. I think it really does make a person feel better.
    319. in NOT making lists, it’s confining…
    320. that everyone should work for their money, no one should get free money unless they have a legit reason.
    321. that when God says we are made in his image that that does not mean 380 lbs and morbidly obese.
    322. in never being late.
    323. that one day I will be a rounded athlete :D

  29. jenny says:

    314.5 Holy crap!!! This list is AWESOME!!!!!

  30. jenny says:

    324. that praise can be in the form of dance. Even at church!
    325. that being happy is sometimes better than being right.
    326. Believe that 40 is just a number.
    327. Being angry wastes valuble time
    328. worrying also wastes valuble time
    329. Complimenting. Even a little can go a long way in someones day!
    330. you don’t lose when your last, you lose if you quit.

  31. LD says:

    331. You are never to old to need your mom
    332. Laughter is truly the best medicine
    333. The price of cheaply made kids Halloween costumes are ridiculously high!!!
    334. In the golden rule…
    335. I am on my phone more than I should be.
    336. Parenting is the hardest job position I will ever have
    and the most rewarding
    337. In laughing at your own jokes!
    338. My life is pretty amazing
    339. I will get the toes to bar kip THIS YEAR
    340. I will get a pullup kip while I’m at it :)
    341. Life is short
    342. Anger is BAD
    343. Memories are amazing
    344. That money is a lousy way of keeping score
    345. You need an engineering degree to “transform” toy transformers.
    346. This is my favorite blog yet!!!

  32. Amac says:

    347. That the trials we are encountered with, even though they may be difficult make us better in the end.
    348. In never looking back and saying “I wish I would’ve said something.”
    349. Spending your life laughing and enjoying all that is around you.
    350. Strength comes from determination.
    351. You are who you associate yourself with and I am associated with some pretty amazing people.
    352. Embarassing myself is ok as long as it gets a laugh or smile out of someone.
    353. That walking down steps in high heels when drinking can be dangerous.
    354. Life is not about the what if’s, it’s about the what is.
    355. In finding that one person that makes your heart smile forever.
    356. In letting go and letting God.
    357. That negative people can suck the life out of you.
    358. In making lists of things to do, just to experience the joy of getting to cross them off.
    359. My life truly began when I started CrossFit, it has brought more clarity that I ever thought possible about what’s important.
    360. In not wasting your life not being as happy as possible.
    361. Living life in the moment.

  33. Amac says:

    At 361 people….

  34. mamacita says:

    362. life starts at conception.
    363. our elf on the shelf that comes everyday after thanksgiving is a blessing.
    364. in patience and perseverance.
    365. Starbucks hot chocolate is awesome.
    366. Tonna’s pumpkin cake is the best.
    369. coffee with the girls is the perfect way to start the weekend.
    370. CFSF is the way to start everyday.
    371. in diesel trucks.
    372. in Heaven.
    373. in a good cry for no reason.
    374. in doing unto others as you wish them to do unto you.
    375. in eating what I kill.
    376. in carrying a concealed weapon.
    377. hate and stupid are bad words.
    378. everyone should own a pair of Chuck Taylors
    379. in our soldiers that fight for my freedom.
    380. in a pair of jeans that fit just right.
    381. in COLD beer.
    382. Journey is one of the best bands.
    383. I bedazzle shit that shouldn’t be bedazzled.
    384. I am opinionated, stubborn and blunt but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you.
    385. my 96 year old grandmother Adeline Rose deserves to go to heaven.
    386. it’s my dads choice to miss out on my life and his grandchildren.
    387. my step dad is an amazing father.
    388. TV is a waste of time.
    389. in mental toughness.
    390. I am a tough mudder.
    391. music can make or break an EWOD.
    392. in coaches yelling in their athletes face.
    393. hair day is a good day.
    394. in Progenex.
    395. calloused hands are sexy.
    396. my boys pee on the bathroom walls in the middle of the night.
    397. in daring to be different when different is right.
    398. those that make mistakes are really great and I must be really great because I make alot of mistakes.
    399. CF402 is going to do great.
    400. Rob’s humor during a WOD makes me smile.
    401. in shuffling.
    402. that some rules are meant to be broken.
    403. in my boys peeing in bottles on road trips.
    404. prayer before bedtime.
    405. giving hand written cards/notes.
    406. spontaneity
    407. in a hot bath every night.
    408. that Celebrate church is an amazing place to worship.
    409. in dancing.
    410. sashimi is the best dinner.
    411. in noise canceling head phones.
    412. everyone should own a good pair of cowboy boots.
    413. every day is a good day.
    414. in cupcakes for breakfast on your birthday.
    415. i will rejoice the day all my boys are potty trained.
    416. in helping others reach their goals.
    417. in positive reinforcement.
    418. in texting while driving ;-)
    419. I have a crappy voice but love to sing along.
    420. every little boy should have a reptile for a pet.
    421. in once a month holding your spouses hands and telling them you love them and will never leave them.
    422. I am a friend of God.
    423. many people are tired of my posts and will scroll to the next person.
    424. in dreaming.
    425. we all suffer from some sort of peer pressure.
    426. I pee my pants every time I do double-unders;
    427. but I am not the only one.
    428. my mom is my biggest fan.
    429. someday we will do one giant WOD with all members!
    430.a trip to Nana’s does a body good.
    431. I may have out posted Greg
    432. I owe you all a thank you for listening to me as we drive from SF to the Black Hills

  35. KW says:

    I believe that . . .
    433. life is full of miracles, I have my daughter to prove it
    434. you are never to old to learn
    435. having the opportunity to play with toys all day and getting paid to do it is the best gig ever
    436. helping children acquire the skills that foster independence and self-confidence is super rewarding
    437. CF is addicting in mind, body, and spirit
    438. whoever created the concept of an all inclusive resort where you simply stick a flag in the sand to have your drink refilled was a freaking genius

  36. Cody says:

    439. That everyone truly realizes that when the weather is crappy its not my fault.

  37. MoJo says:

    440. miracles DO happen.
    441. in punctuality.
    442. a good booty shake can brighten anybody’s mood.
    443. my siblings are 3 of the most wonderful people in the world.
    444. you should dance like nobody’s watching.
    445. in Jesus Christ.
    446. a good bowl of ice cream can heal any heartache.
    447. dorkiness is always acceptable and should be embraced.
    448. my mother is the best cook in the world.
    449. I will Crossfit until I am laid to rest.
    450. I can car dance better than you. Bring it.
    451. I was born to walk in heels.
    452. there is a true art form to loading a dishwasher.
    453. power-naps have the ability to give you superpowers.

  38. jgerdes says:

    454. in the right to bear arms.
    455. in breaking rules every once in a while just to see why the rule was there in the first place.
    456. that homework sucks.
    457. that winter is a lot of fun!
    458. in smiling.
    459. that the career I am starting is what I was called to do.
    460. in teaching everyone good squat form. Bad form can cause you to visit Doc Rob.
    461. in cheering for the underdog if you don’t know who is playing.
    462. that everyone is entitled to their opinion and beliefs but not in forcing theirs upon other people.
    463. in buying a good bed.

  39. 464. catching a big fish just makes me want to fish more.
    465. Facebook is not my preferred form of “social”
    466. in dating my wife. I need to make it a weekly commitment.
    467. if you have time to Facebook, you have time to CrossFit.
    468. the Internet should be used to facilitate commerce and create efficiency, not merely waste time.


  40. Rachel A says:

    469 God walks beside me and carries me when I need it…which is most of the time
    470 I believED that my sister was a “crazy CrossFit junkie” before I joined and now I am PROUD to be under that title.
    471 happiness comes from inside…and so does sadness.
    472 my husband and kids see me at my best and at my worst and they still love me.
    473 throwing out the F bomb in front of my 2-1/2 year old will come back and haunt me….UGH!
    474 loving someone when he or she feels unlovable is the best medicine…for both of you.
    474 I will need a Doctor after the Fall Throwdown tomorrow!

  41. Mamacita says:

    469. tomorrow is gonna rock!


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