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End of Whole Life Challenge……

We hope you had a safe and fun Halloween


Friday is the last day of the Whole Life Challenge for those of you who are still participating in the challenge you need to make sure to enter your measurements and your workout scores in by tomorrow evening.  I know this has been a great challenge and learning experience for many of you.  Especially those who are new to CrossFit and the Paleo Diet. 

 We would love to hear all about the changes that you have seen not only physically but mentally as well.  How has changing your diet and doing the challenge impacted your life, your families life, and your workouts? 

If you were not able to participate in this challenge we will be starting another one in January right after the holidays and the New Year.  We would love to have everyone participate so be ready and watch for more information after the holidays. 

  Athletes Choice/Makeup Day
5X 45 Sec Work/ 15 Sec Rest
Row for Cal
Anchored Situps

On the Minute, for 10 Minute
5 High Wall Ball
3 Handstand Pushups

50 KB Swings
100 Double Unders
50 Burpees

15 Minutes Row
30 Hard/30 steady pace
45 hard/15 steady pace
*score total meters

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ld and molly

Choosing Your Workout Partner…….

  As self-motivated as one may be, having a workout buddy can benefit even the most motivated individuals. It’s a crucial step in getting the most of yourself and the time you’re putting in. Whether you can’t stop hitting the snooze button, you’re stuck on 5-pound weights, you can’t say no to Taco Bell, or you simply can’t get in a good routine…having a workout partner or class, can fix all these problems and benefit you in more ways than you may realize. Here are 5 great qualities to look for in a workout partner along with how a good workout partner can benefit you.

1. Accountable. You need to pick a partner that will hold you accountable for your workouts each and every day.  You also need a partner who will hold themselves accountable.  You will both be more motivated if you know your partner is waiting for you at the gym.

2. Competitive.  If you have a workout partner who is competitive you will workout harder and you will push each other more.  Competitiveness doesn’t always have to be a negative quality, if you are both competitive you will push each other to make each other better.

3. Dedication. Make sure you pick someone that is dedicated, not necessarily in exercise, but in other areas of life. If you know this person quits every project they’ve ever started, why would exercising be any different to them?

4Compatibility.  The best workout partner is one that you get along with and that you both have similar interests inside and outside of the gym.  You want someone who is going to push and motivate you in a way that works with your personality and lifestyle.

5. Fun. Working out is always suppose to be fun and that is what keeps you coming back day after day.  You need a workout partner that is going to be fun and energetic.  You want to choose someone who is always going to make you laugh and smile no matter how hard the workout.

The great thing about CrossFit is we are a class based workout program and in our classes we have athletes with all different fitness levels and backgrounds.  That is what makes us such a unique and great community of people.  You not only get to choose from several workout partners but you get a whole class filed with motivated, enthusiastic, and great people trying to reach many of the same goals as you.

What do you look for in a workout class or partner?

   Athletes Choice
Monday Workout
6 Rounds 30 sec on 30 sec off
Row For Cal
Burpee Box Jumps
3/5 Chest 2 Bar

Tuesday Workout
10 Minutes Every 45 Sec 1 Snatch

Wednesday Workout
3 Rounds
50 Air Squats
15 Parallete Push Ups
10 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)

Thursday Workout
Double Unders

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Find Your Ninja Within………………



Taken from the Whole Life Challenge Blog series

Would you fight a ninja? Why not? You wouldn’t fight a ninja because you’d lose, right? The only way to live with a ninja in your midst is to make peace with it. That doesn’t mean you give in to the ninja, that would be a life of enslavement, but that you learn to live with it — for what it is and what it isn’t.

Your desire is the ninja that lives within you. It will always live within you. It is very skilled – it knows exactly where all the death blows are dealt. It is amazingly skilled at invisibility. Often it will think for you and make you believe that it is you having the thoughts.
Think of someone who gives up sugar but has the thought that he should keep the last box of cookies in the cabinet. He tells himself he can handle it. That is the ninja, throwing his voice. The sugar shunner knows what the commitment is and all of the actions that you would take in the face of that commitment (getting rid of ALL sugar). Your desire (disguised as your thoughts) will have you keep the cookies around. It will even manage to sound like your rational voice (“it would be a waste of money,” “in a little while I could just have one and it won’t make a difference,” etc.).

Ninjas know that it is always just a matter of time. “You only live once!” is the battle cry of the ninja. He’s right, but ironically, always giving in to the desire in the name of “living” leaves you a perpetual slave to it, forever handing control of your life over to desire.
The important thing to remember is that your desire isn’t BAD. It just is. Resisting that you have desire is like resisting that you have skin. It’s pointless. Our problem is, we think having the desire is a reason to quit what we are committed to. Most of the time failure comes from thinking that having the desire is the sign the we failed. Again, that’s the ninja talking (“see, you will never defeat me!”).

We tend to think that success means having the desire disappear forever. If you can have the desire (not be it) and not waste your time fighting with it, you can make the choice that is aligned with your commitment and start to build real power. The ninja has been training your whole life. Your training has just begin.

 Athlete’s Choice
Monday Workout
50 Walking Lunges
400 Meter Run
50 Walking Lunges

Tuesday Workout
3 Rounds
on 2 Min Clock
3-2-1 Clean
1-1-1 Jerk
ME Double Unders

Wednesday Workout
Partner Row Cal
Partner holds plank while other rows

Thursday Workout
Run 800
75 Sit ups
Run 800

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Confindence What is it to YOU…………

The definition of confidence is the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something.  I think self confidence is a swagger to your step, a feeling of being able to take on the world.  How do you get self confidence?

 Confidence is not something that you can just pick out of your closet; it is something that you have to work for and earn.  It may be a new shirt you put on or a change in your appearance. It can also pertain to the gym as well.  I can always tell when an athlete is starting to get confidence; they walk into the gym and they know exactly what to do.  I also can tell when an athlete is confident by the way they carry themselves in the gym.  Confidence is built by learning and mastering new skills such as that first pull up with no bands or that first handstand hold or kick-up you thought would never happen.

How has CrossFit built your confidence, and what are things you have done that you never thought possible because of CrossFit?

Athletes Choice/Make Up Day
Monday’s Workout
Tuesday’s Workout
Wednesday’s Workout

Thursday’s Workout

Partner 5K Row Split Anyway

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Why You Should Lift Heavy Weights (Especially If You’re Female)……

If you are not a fan of the Facebook page Extreme Fitness at Any Age and you are a woman you should really check it out.  Here is a little blog and an article by the Huffington Post about woman and weightlifting.


I often get asked “how to get toned” or “how to get definition”.  When these questions come from women they are typically wanting to “firm up” and create some muscle definition.  When I answer them that they need to lift heavy weights, they are often disappointed.  I am usually challenged by a comment like, “I don’t want to get huge” or “I don’t want to be bulky”.  Nothing could be further from the truth as to what happens when a woman lifts heavy weights.  

The beauty of lifting heavy and low reps versus lifting light and for tons of reps is in the bodies response to building muscle….it happens very quickly when heavy lifting is implemented into a program.  Of course there is a place for lighter weights and high reps but no program should be without some heavy lifting days to create results quickly.  Lifting heavy weights for women also tends to have another benefit:  it is empowering physically and mentally. 


If you start a program with heavy lifting make sure you have a coach or personal trainer to show you exactly how to accomplish the heavy lifts.  Form is extremely important and until you know for sure you have correct form, you should have an expert helping you. 


Below is an article that speaks well to the topic…..

Skill and Strength
(A1) Reverse Lunges 5/5
(A2) 5-7 Strict Pull-Ups

Workout of the Day
5 Rounds for time
21 Anchored Sit ups 
12 Russian KBS (35/55)
9 Supine Rows  (rings or rack) 

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Happy Tuesday 10.08.13

* Remember to sign up for the Fall Throwdown and Halloween Party in the gym, sign up sheets are on the whiteboard by the couch.  We have a lot of girls teams so now we need some guys teams to get together and get signed up.

* The Whole Life Challenge and Fitness Challenge is still going on make sure you are getting your points registered everyday.  Our Fitness Challenge for this week is Handstand Push Ups and Handstand Holds.

*Classes are getting busy especially at the 4:15 and 5:30 time slots so please make sure you are signing in for class.

* If you are interested in competing in some off season competitions we have info on Freeze Fest Team Challenge and also CrossFit Kilo’s Field of Teams Competition.  We already have a couple teams going but it would always be great to get a couple more.  Ask Casey or Liza for more information.

Skill and Strength 
On a 90 Sec Clock
2 Position Clean adding weight
each round

Workout of the Day
4 Rounds
200 Ft Shuttle Run
Row (300/250)
-Rest 1:1- 

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red hats

Halloween Potluck and Party- Let’s Get Our Costumes On


Well here we are again it’s time for our annual Fall Throwdown and Halloween Party Potluck.  We want everyone to grab a partner and sign up for the Fall Throwdown, this will not be an all day event. We are planning on being done around 1:00 so that everyone can go home spend time with there families and then get back to the gym for the party starting around 8.  

This is a potluck so make or buy your favorite dish and bring enough to share with everyone.  Fill your coolers as well with your favorite beverages and lets get our party on.  The only stipulation is you must be in Costume in the evening, costumes are not required for the Throwdown itself.  

If you do not participate in the Throwdown you are still welcome for the potluck bring your friends, boyfriends whoever the more the merrier! 

Skill and Strength
Muscle Up Progressions

Workout of the Day
12 Min AMRAP
50 Ft Walking Lunges Forward
7 Pull Ups
50 Ft Walking Lunges Backward
7 Push Ups
10 Box Jumps 

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Why CrossFit Kids…..train the body and the brain


Two weeks ago I had the privilege to attend a CrossFit Kids Certification at CrossFit Park City in Utah.  It was a great experience.  Being the mother of 5 kids and a CrossFit coach,  I thought I knew a lot about teaching, helping and coaching kids.  Guess what … I wrong.  Though I do have knowledge, kids are not adults and they learn much differently, not to mention they are all about fun. Playing games and running in circles is exercise to young children while  lifting weights and looking and feeling strong is exercise as they grow to teens.

I have always been involved in fitness, and I have always wanted my kids to be involved in sports and fitness as well.  Our boys love basketball and they live to play the game.  In order for them to love CrossFit I have to relate CrossFit with basketball, much the same way we try to relate CrossFit to regular life with our adults.  We want to train our kids to not just be good at sports but be good at life in general.

I have seen especially in my own kids and other kids that have done CrossFit Kids how much it not only helps them in sports but in life.  Self esteem and self confidence  is something that many kids lack these day.  CrossFit is a great way to build confidence and self esteem.  Many kids come into the gym and are just like our adults; they are scared and wonder what are we going to do to them.  Once they start learning how to do box jumps, climb ropes, do pull ups on there own, their whole attitude changes.  They want more and more; their confidence just shoots right through the roof.

We ran entire summer program and saw great development in over 40 kids.  We continue onward now at 4:30pm Tuesday and Thursday reaching both new and experience CrossFit Junior Athletes through our kids program.  Those parents who have had children in CrossFit Kids, what changes have you seen in them?  How has their personality or behavior changed since doing the program?  What other insight can you share?

Here is a great article about how CrossFit Kids can not only help kids with body image and self esteem but it can also help with studying and brain functions.  There are CrossFit gyms right now doing studies about how CrossFit can stimulate brain functions and help kids with there school work if the school work is done right after a hard CF workout.  Read more about it from this CrossFit Journal article…

Training the Brain

 Skill and Strength
90 Sec 6 Sets
2 Pause Snatch Deadlift
1 Low Hang Snatch
Workout of the Day
1 Min Strict ME Pull Ups
-rest 1 min-
Run 200
5 Hang Power Cleans
-rest 1 min-
1 Min ME Strict Chin Ups

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Schedule Changes for the week ahead…………

Because of trainers competing in the Granite Games this weekend in St Cloud MN we have a couple of schedule changes for you.  Friday there will be NO 9:30 am or 6:30 pm classes. Saturday we will have 8:30 Regular Partner workout and 9:30 will be Open Gym time.  Sunday we will be closed this week!  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause anyone next week we will be back with a regular schedule.

We have several teams signed up for the Fall Throwdown and Halloween Party.  Get a partner and get signed up, who will have the best costumes and who will win the plates!

Whole Life Challenge and Fitness Challenge members your extra work for this week is 4x 15 Toes to Bar or Knees to Elbow.  You can split them up anyway you would like if you want to do half toes to bar and half knees to elbows I am fine with that. These challenges are to help you get better at the movements and challenge yourself to do bigger sets or become more efficient with the movements.   

Skill and Strength
5 Rounds
Muscle Up Progressions
5 Ring Rows
5 Hip Lifts
5 Ring Transfers

Workout of the Day
10 Min AMRAP
15 Wall Balls
30 Double Unders
Row 250/200

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What do you LOVE about CFSF…….


* What do you love about your CrossFit? Some love the workouts, some love the competitiveness, and many love the sense of accomplishment when finished.  I myself love the friendships and the community.  As a coach and an owner of CFSF this is more than a business this is a community of friends who love not only seeing each other succeed but encourage each other to be the best that they can be!  What do you love and what keeps you coming back for more??

Skill and Strength
5 X 20 on/10 off
Hollow Holds
Superman Holds
Hanging L-sits

Workout of the Day
“Athletes Choice”
Monday Workout
Tuesday Workout
Wednesday Workout
8 Good Mornings
8 Ring Rows
8/8 BU Seated KB Press
Friday Workout
3x 3 Min AMRAP
3 Power Cleans (135/95)
6 Push Ups
9 Air Squats

* Sign up is in the gym for the Fall Throwdown on October 19th it will be FREE to all members who participate.  The workouts are also up in the gym, grab a partner and get signed up today.  It will also be CFSF annual Halloween Costume Party so start thinking about what you are going to be!

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