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Overview of the LuRong Paleo Challenge- Meeting Wednesday Sept 10th 6:30



All right I know many of you have questions about this new Paleo Challenge that we are trying and after reading the 60 pages of rules and “to do’s” I totally understand why you have questions.  I am going to try and summarize as much as I can for all of you and then we will be having an info meeting Wednesday night at 6:30 for more questions.

The challenge starts on Monday September 15th-Sunday November 9th; in order to be eligible to win cash and prizes you must complete all of the requirements of the 8 week long Challenge.  These rules include completing 10 standardized workouts, dietary compliance, taking before and after body measurements, recording your weight at the beginning and end of the challenge, setting and tackling goals, trying new recipes, and submitting a video or written experience.  I know this list is long and it sounds a little overwhelming at first but all of these things are going to help you be successful with this challenge.  We will plan on covering every requirement in our weekly meetings as well.  I think one of the most important requirements and key to your success is goal setting and that will be covered in our first meeting.

You will be required to complete 10 workouts during the challenge, weeks 1 and 2 you will be required to complete 3 workouts; these are going to be your baseline workouts.  In weeks 7 and 8 you will test these workouts again to see how much you have improved on your performance.  During weeks 3-6 you have 1 workout each week to complete.  We will have these workouts programmed into our Thursday workouts, or you are more than welcome to come into open gym and do the work.  There is an option for each workout to choose your skill level, level 1 being the easiest and level 3 being the most challenging.  The level that you choose for workout 1 -3 must be the same level that you use for workouts 8-10 as these are the testing workouts.

Weeks 1&2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Weeks 7&8
Benchmark Workouts (WODs 1, 2, and 3) WOD 4 WOD 5 WOD 6 WOD 7 Benchmark Workouts WODs 8, 9, and 10
Initial Body Measurements Ending Body Measurements
Starting Weight Ending Weight
Set Goals Track Goals
Recipe Explorer
Educational Blog
Written Experience
Video Experience
Optional Progress Photos Upload

Measurements and Pictures:
During the challenge we will be taking 7 different body measurements; these measurements will be taken at the beginning and at the end of the challenge.  The seven areas are waist, hips, chest, right and left legs, right and left arms.  We will be doing the measurements at the gym starting Monday morning September 15th; please make sure you email me and set up a time to get your measurements done.  Weight will also be done at the same time as your measurements; again try to make sure to wear the same clothing for your first weigh in and your last.

Dietary Rules and Guidelines:
Everyone will submit their food log on the challenge platform page for everyday of the challenge.  You will mark a “cheat” or “clean” for each of the 6 time periods during the day.  This will make more sense when you go to the challenge platform and see how it is set up.  The time periods that you are accountable for logging are Breakfast, Morning, Lunch, Afternoon, Dinner, and Evening.  You will receive 3 points for every “clean” and receive 1 point for every “cheat”.  If you fail to submit any score at all that will result in a 0 score for that day.  You will have 6 full days to enter in your scores for a given day.  You will need to read through the dietary rules to find out exactly what counts as a “cheat.”  Below is an overview of Paleo foods and foods you are allowed to eat in moderation.

General Paleo Diet Rules

  • Eat lean meats, lots of vegetable, some fruit, some seeds and nuts, limited starches, no sugar, no dairy, and no legumes.
  • No candy, soda, pastas, wheat, rice, oats, rice, artificial ingredients, bagels, tortillas, corn, or cereals.
  • No, beans, peas, lentils, white potatoes, or soy.
  • No milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, or butter (see ghee exception).

General Moderation Defined

Many foods are perfectly acceptable and nutritionally beneficial for someone to consume while trying to become healthier or when losing weight. However, some of these items need to be limited in their quantity or frequency of consumption in order to help Participants reach their goals.

Foods that are listed in the Food Search under Moderation without any specific rule, serving, or allotment are considered General Moderation. The Sponsor puts it in the hands of the Participant to police themselves on these items. With these items more is not better, primarily due to either their high calorie content or potential effect on blood glucose levels or insulin response.

Specific Moderation Defined

Some foods need a little stricter monitoring than a general call to moderation, especially when the goal is weight loss, body transformation, and improved performance. Therefore, some food items listed as moderation will also contain a serving size and allowance in order to help keep Participants on track and more likely to reach their goals.

Reference the Food Search for comlete details.

Special Allowances

Natural Sweeteners- 1 total combined tablespoon per day or 1 pack of Stevia (1 Packet per day= 1 gram). Allowable sweeteners are listed in the food search. Some of the included items are raw agave, honey, coconut crystals, erythritol, and pure maple syrup.

Bacon- eat in moderation only if no nitrates or nitrites and nutrition label says “0″ Grams of Sugar. Some are cured in traces amounts of sugar so sugar could be on the ingredient list but if it says “0” grams of sugar it is allowed.

Ghee- Grass fed clarified butter is the only dairy exception. When grass fed it is a versatile and healthy fat source with valuable Omega-3 fatty acids. Limit Ghee to 2 tablespoons per day.

Caffeine- Naturally occurring caffeine from tea or coffee is in general moderation, but caffeine in a supplement or listed as an ingredient on the label is limited to 30 mgs or less in a serving. Zero Calorie Chewing Gum- no more than 2 sticks per day

Wine- One 6 ounce glass of red or white wine per day with dinner. You cannot save up days for a weekend splurge.

Lemon juice or fruit juice- if used for flavoring or cooking (3 oz or less per day)

Protein Shake Supplementation- Due to the wide spectrum of Participants in the Challenge and different end goals we are allowing 1 serving of your choice of Protein Powder supplementation if it is taken within 30 minutes post- workout. It cannot be used as a meal replacement or used in any manner other than as a post WOD Protein Supplement. A pure egg white or hemp protein with no added sugar or other banned items would not be held to the same limitation.

Endurance Athletes- many Participants may be training for or competing in an endurance event during the Challenge. For any event or training session that lasts for 120 minutes or more of continuous and strenuous exercise a Participant is allowed to supplement with electrolyte replenishing drinks, goo, energy blocks, etc.

Bonus Points:
You will also get the opportunity to earn bonus points which will help you on some of those days that your “cheats” may have been high.  Here is how the bonus points work….

Bonus Point Title Why Points Possible
Benchmark Workout Completion 5 points for completing each benchmark workout 30
Performance Workout Completion 15 point for each workout completed 60
Goals 5 points each for your first 6 tracked goals 30
Recipe Explorer 4 points for up to 5 recipes submitted 20
Written Experience Submitting a written experience 10
Video Experience Recording and submitting a video of your experience 20
Total Bonus Points Possible 170

I hope this helps clear up some of the confusion and makes the challenge easier to understand.  Remember that we are having a meeting tonight (Wednesday) night at 6:30, so if you are thinking about doing the challenge or you have already signed up and just have a few questions please come to the meeting for feel free to email me at Also the link to the rules page on the LuRong Challenge website is  and please go to this page, it will give you all of the information you need to know.  It will also give you all of the deadlines you need to know for the whole 8 weeks.

Challenge ahead!



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LuRong Paleo Challenge Starting September 15th

For those of you who are interested in changing your way of thinking about food and improving not only your performance in the gym but in life this Paleo Challenge is for you.  Registration opens today August 11th, so stop thinking about making a change and get ready to do it!  Athletes will be tested in 10 workouts which include 3 benchmark WODs and 4 performance WODs.  This allows participants to challenge themselves physically, see how much they improve, and how they match up with others.  This is also a great opportunity to win prizes and learn how easy eating Paleo can be. Check out the challenge at, get signed up today!

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This Is Gonna Be Hard

This Is Gonna Be Hard

There’s something destructive we do with the best of intentions, and that the entire diet and fitness industry does with more sinister intentions. It seems innocent, even benevolent, but it wears people down in ways we don’t anticipate.

We tell people that something is going to be easy, when it’s not. Specifically, we tell people that eating well and staying in shape is simple. We wrap it in friendly phases like “simple lifestyle changes” and “healthy exercise habits.”

We mean well, certainly. But we’re often coming at this from the perspective of (1) someone who might never have struggled with their health, and (2) someone who is already on “the other side” and has developed good habits. From this perspective, it might seem easy, now. But it probably wasn’t always easy and we know it.

The diet and fitness industry perpetuates this. I was reminded of this when someone jokingly posted a magazine cover in the Paleo Challenge Facebook group:

“Paleo Made Easy: Drop 40 Pounds This Month,” it says. No joke: forty pounds. In a month. It’s “easy.”

While this is clearly hyperbolic and downright stupid (not to mention potentially dangerous), those criticisms are easy to spot. The more dangerous one is subtle: we’re telling people that Paleo eating and weight loss is easy, when it’s really not.

I eat largely Paleo, and I love it. But it’s not easy. Restaurants are tough. The craving for sweets goes way, way down, but it’s still there. And losing 40 pounds is a Herculean task for some people. It sucks. It will be the hardest thing some people have ever done. (I should know — I lost almost 100.)

Here’s why this is destructive: because when someone gets into the thick of it — when they’ve lost 5-10 pounds and they’re past the quick win and the novelty begins to wear off — then it gets hard. Suddenly, the scale doesn’t go down every day, and cupcakes start looking better, and all the dedication gets called into question, and they’re having a down moment, and they think, “I thought this was supposed to be easy…”

The next mental leap is the fatal one: “I must be doing it wrong, or I must just not be the type or person for whom this is going to work. I’m done.” And then they quit. When it got hard, instead of understanding that it was just hard, they assumed they were broken, and so this clearly wasn’t for them.

(For the mainstream diet and fitness industry, of course, this is just good business. They need us to keep quitting and starting over so they can keep selling us stuff. Understand that 99% of the industry would go out of business if we just stuck with it. Your failure is their next paycheck.)

With anything — fitness, diet, weight loss, even marriage — the beginning is easy and fun. We love novelty. New things make us happy, and when we see immediate changes to our health and fitness level, it’s easy to stay motivated because these results convince us that our path to success is linear.

It gets tougher when those changes come slower. After the initial success, you dip into a trough that you’re slow to climb out of (Seth Godin wrote an entire book this phenomenon, which he appropriately called “The Dip.”)

It’s not long before you don’t PR every WOD, or you even start to go backwards, and you can’t seem to break out of last place — these are the times that suck and when you start to question just why the hell you get out of bed at 5:00 a.m. to drag yourself into the box.

(You want morning motivation? Watch this video. It gets me going every time.)

Angela Duckworth is an education researcher at the University of Pennsylvania. She gave a famous TED talk in 2013 where she discussed research into high school students. She discovered that the key to success for students was an intangible personality trait that she called “grit.”

Grit is passion and perseverance for very long-term goals. Grit is having stamina. Grit is sticking with your future, day in, day out, not just for the week, not just for the month, but for years, and working really hard to make that future a reality. Grit is living life like it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Grit is what gets you up at 4:30. Grit is what makes you pass on the dessert menu. Grit is what makes you keep working out when you’ve been in a downward spiral for two weeks and you can’t remember the last time you were happy after a workout.

A key component of grit is accepting the reality that your workouts won’t always be a Rocky training montage. I’m reminded of Jim Collins and his explanation of The Stockdale Paradox from the book “Good to Great.” James Stockdale was a Vietnam POW who survived, largely through his mindset, which some people view as pessimistic, but was actually just realistic.

What the optimists failed to do was confront the reality of their situation. They preferred the ostrich approach, sticking their heads in the sand and hoping for the difficulties to go away. That self-delusion might have made it easier on them in the short-term, but when they were eventually forced to face reality, it had become too much and they couldn’t handle it.

Stockdale approached adversity with a very different mindset. He accepted the reality of his situation. He knew he was in hell, but, rather than bury his head in the sand, he stepped up and did everything he could to lift the morale and prolong the lives of his fellow prisoners

Seeing the world through rose-colored glasses ultimately leads people to failure because they can’t make it through the difficult times. We contribute to this when we set people up with unrealistic expectations.

If Bob walks into CrossFit carrying 100 extra pounds and not having exercised for 10 years, then here’s the merciless truth: this is gonna be really freaking hard. Dropping that extra weight and getting back to good health is going to be one of the hardest things Bob has ever done.

I want to tell Bob this because he needs to be “vaccinated” against the hard times. When those crappy moments come, Bob needs to know that he’s not wrong, he’s not fatally flawed, and he’s doing everything right. It just sucks sometimes. There are going to be plateaus, setbacks, depression, backslides, doubts, heartache, illness, and injuries. But that’s okay, Bob, because we’re in this for the long haul, buddy.

The unglamorous times are lurking out there: the rote workouts, the lonely mornings, the boring meals, the AMRAPs when you just plain sucked, and the post-WOD flops on the ground when you wonder why the hell you even bothered to come into the box that day.

These are the moments when it’s not “easy.” These are the moments when you think, “Am I really cut out for this?” These are the moments when you need to pick yourself up, ignore the voices that told you it was gonna be simple, and just keep going.

If you’re prepared for these moments, you can push through them. If you’re not prepared because you were convinced this was going to be easy, then these moments will destroy you.

This is gonna be hard.  Great things usually are.

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What is Happening at CFSF………



*Holiday Party is this Saturday the 18th at Bros Brasserie downtown 332 S Phillips Ave. Bring your friends and family; everyone is welcome.  It’s going to be a great time to meet new members, see friends and socialize.  We will be having drinks and appetizers.

* The first Paleo baseline workout was this Thursday, yet you will have until next Thursday to get your times in your folder so please get in and get your baseline workout done.  The next workout will be released this Thursday in class and will be on the Paleo whiteboard through the week.

* Our first Paleo meeting will be held this Sunday  the 19th at 6pm.  Please come prepared with your food journals and questions for us trainers to answer and look over.  We will also be having some food for you to sample and recipes to give out. It’s going to be a great time to learn more about Paleo and how to implement it into you and your families lifestyle.

* The sign-up has begun for the CrossFit Open!  If you are signing up for the open please make sure that you are signing up under CrossFit Sioux Falls team and affiliate.  There is two separate sign up options you must do.

* Classes are getting busy, and we are at an exciting time of year for CrossFit so please make sure that you are signing in for class!  It helps us have staff on hand so we can assist everyone in class better.

* Reminder of the new class time on Monday and Wednesday nights at 7:30pm; we had a great turn out for the first night 10+ people.

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who you are

Happy New Year and Happy New You……..

It’s the start of a new year; Happy New Year!  Did you also make time for those New Year goals for your health and nutrition?  Well all of us at CrossFit Sioux Falls are here to help — mark your calendar and get ready to commit yourself to health and wellness.

CFSF Paleo 2014 – New Year New You Challenge

Start Date: Wednesday January 15th and will run 6 complete weeks through February 26th.  We added in an extra 2 weeks from today to allow you to plan, prepare, get mentally ready to succeed.  So January 15…no excuses.

Cost: $50, yet all the money will be given back in-full via prizes to the top 3 Men and Women winners; additional winners possible if warranted.

How the Challenge Works:

1).  Though our last Paleo Challenge was a partner challenge, this one will be an Individual Challenge.  That doesn’t mean you are on your own though as we are all a team working to better each other.

2). We will take measurements, pictures, weight, and a baseline workout that you have never done before; yeah not the 500M, 40,30,20,10 but something a bit different.

3). There is also going to be a point system to hold you accountable for what you are putting in your body, both food and supplement wise, along with your activity level and workouts.

4). You will not be required to journal your food but we highly recommend doing so.  Knowing what you are putting in your body is one of the most important ways of being successful with any type of lifestyle change.  We can’t help you unless we know and understand what you are eating and putting into your body.

5). We will also be having weekly meeting. These meeting are not mandatory to do the challenge, but they will be extra credit points and also be filled with great information to keep you motivated and have great success during the 6 weeks.  We will have trainer’s rotation on the meeting so that you can get a different perspective on how Paleo works in everyone’s life.  We will also be bring in meals for you to try and see how great Paleo can taste.

6). We will also have a different baseline workout once a week we will run in class; you are not required to do all of the baseline workouts but you do get points for them and they are FREE workouts to all that are doing the challenge.  We will have them run the same day each week as a class workout.  The only required workout is the first baseline workout; you must do that to compare times for the finals.

7).  All of the trainers will get together and pick the top 3 men and woman at the end of the 6 weeks.  Everyone who participated in the challenge will get to vote for the winners.

*We will have measurements and pictures taken on the 13 and 14th with the official start date being Wednesday January 15th.

Things you need to do before meeting: 

1). Sign up on the Whiteboard next to the Attendance Challenge.

2). Get a notebook and a pen; your going to want to journal your food.

3). Commit to working out at least 3 times a week.

4). Get ready to learn a lot, have fun, and feel better than you every have.

* We will have a detailed CFSF Intro to Paleo meeting on Tuesday January 7th; at the meeting we will give out a shopping list, help you with a food journal and answer any questions you may have at that time.  


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Holiday Schedule for this week…..

  We have a couple schedule changes for the week…
Wednesday NO 6:30pm class
 Thursday NO Class
 Friday class 8:30,9:30, and noon
Saturday regular schedule
Sunday NO Class

Also for the rest of this month and all of December 6:30pm class will be a regular CF Class we will not be starting another intro class until after the holidays.  Please make sure you are using Mindbody and signing up for class.

With the new year comes many new and exciting things at CFSF we will be getting some new equipment, new class times, our annual holiday party, and a bigger than ever Paleo and Fitness Challenge.  Keep checking our blog for more details coming soon.

We are always interested in what you have to say and any additions you as members feel the gym needs, so do not be afraid to stop Greg or myself and share your ideas!

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End of Whole Life Challenge……

We hope you had a safe and fun Halloween


Friday is the last day of the Whole Life Challenge for those of you who are still participating in the challenge you need to make sure to enter your measurements and your workout scores in by tomorrow evening.  I know this has been a great challenge and learning experience for many of you.  Especially those who are new to CrossFit and the Paleo Diet. 

 We would love to hear all about the changes that you have seen not only physically but mentally as well.  How has changing your diet and doing the challenge impacted your life, your families life, and your workouts? 

If you were not able to participate in this challenge we will be starting another one in January right after the holidays and the New Year.  We would love to have everyone participate so be ready and watch for more information after the holidays. 

  Athletes Choice/Makeup Day
5X 45 Sec Work/ 15 Sec Rest
Row for Cal
Anchored Situps

On the Minute, for 10 Minute
5 High Wall Ball
3 Handstand Pushups

50 KB Swings
100 Double Unders
50 Burpees

15 Minutes Row
30 Hard/30 steady pace
45 hard/15 steady pace
*score total meters

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Find Your Ninja Within………………



Taken from the Whole Life Challenge Blog series

Would you fight a ninja? Why not? You wouldn’t fight a ninja because you’d lose, right? The only way to live with a ninja in your midst is to make peace with it. That doesn’t mean you give in to the ninja, that would be a life of enslavement, but that you learn to live with it — for what it is and what it isn’t.

Your desire is the ninja that lives within you. It will always live within you. It is very skilled – it knows exactly where all the death blows are dealt. It is amazingly skilled at invisibility. Often it will think for you and make you believe that it is you having the thoughts.
Think of someone who gives up sugar but has the thought that he should keep the last box of cookies in the cabinet. He tells himself he can handle it. That is the ninja, throwing his voice. The sugar shunner knows what the commitment is and all of the actions that you would take in the face of that commitment (getting rid of ALL sugar). Your desire (disguised as your thoughts) will have you keep the cookies around. It will even manage to sound like your rational voice (“it would be a waste of money,” “in a little while I could just have one and it won’t make a difference,” etc.).

Ninjas know that it is always just a matter of time. “You only live once!” is the battle cry of the ninja. He’s right, but ironically, always giving in to the desire in the name of “living” leaves you a perpetual slave to it, forever handing control of your life over to desire.
The important thing to remember is that your desire isn’t BAD. It just is. Resisting that you have desire is like resisting that you have skin. It’s pointless. Our problem is, we think having the desire is a reason to quit what we are committed to. Most of the time failure comes from thinking that having the desire is the sign the we failed. Again, that’s the ninja talking (“see, you will never defeat me!”).

We tend to think that success means having the desire disappear forever. If you can have the desire (not be it) and not waste your time fighting with it, you can make the choice that is aligned with your commitment and start to build real power. The ninja has been training your whole life. Your training has just begin.

 Athlete’s Choice
Monday Workout
50 Walking Lunges
400 Meter Run
50 Walking Lunges

Tuesday Workout
3 Rounds
on 2 Min Clock
3-2-1 Clean
1-1-1 Jerk
ME Double Unders

Wednesday Workout
Partner Row Cal
Partner holds plank while other rows

Thursday Workout
Run 800
75 Sit ups
Run 800

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Happy Tuesday 10.08.13

* Remember to sign up for the Fall Throwdown and Halloween Party in the gym, sign up sheets are on the whiteboard by the couch.  We have a lot of girls teams so now we need some guys teams to get together and get signed up.

* The Whole Life Challenge and Fitness Challenge is still going on make sure you are getting your points registered everyday.  Our Fitness Challenge for this week is Handstand Push Ups and Handstand Holds.

*Classes are getting busy especially at the 4:15 and 5:30 time slots so please make sure you are signing in for class.

* If you are interested in competing in some off season competitions we have info on Freeze Fest Team Challenge and also CrossFit Kilo’s Field of Teams Competition.  We already have a couple teams going but it would always be great to get a couple more.  Ask Casey or Liza for more information.

Skill and Strength 
On a 90 Sec Clock
2 Position Clean adding weight
each round

Workout of the Day
4 Rounds
200 Ft Shuttle Run
Row (300/250)
-Rest 1:1- 

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Schedule Changes for the week ahead…………

Because of trainers competing in the Granite Games this weekend in St Cloud MN we have a couple of schedule changes for you.  Friday there will be NO 9:30 am or 6:30 pm classes. Saturday we will have 8:30 Regular Partner workout and 9:30 will be Open Gym time.  Sunday we will be closed this week!  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause anyone next week we will be back with a regular schedule.

We have several teams signed up for the Fall Throwdown and Halloween Party.  Get a partner and get signed up, who will have the best costumes and who will win the plates!

Whole Life Challenge and Fitness Challenge members your extra work for this week is 4x 15 Toes to Bar or Knees to Elbow.  You can split them up anyway you would like if you want to do half toes to bar and half knees to elbows I am fine with that. These challenges are to help you get better at the movements and challenge yourself to do bigger sets or become more efficient with the movements.   

Skill and Strength
5 Rounds
Muscle Up Progressions
5 Ring Rows
5 Hip Lifts
5 Ring Transfers

Workout of the Day
10 Min AMRAP
15 Wall Balls
30 Double Unders
Row 250/200

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