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Billy Jones – Member of the Month – October



billy member

Billy Jones – Member of the Month – October 2014

When did you start doing CrossFit?  June of 2013.

Favorite Movement? I love doing Double Unders; now that I am good at them they are really fun to do in a workout.

Least Favorite Movement?  Well, I absolutely hate Burpees.  Nobody really likes Burpees do they?!

Favorite Lift?  Split Jerk.  I think this is just a really fun lift to do.

Tell us a little bit about yourself (family, job, sports, military, interests, etc.). I am a marketing professor in the Business School at the University of South Dakota.  I am originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania; yes that is where the TV show The Office is filmed.

What were you doing before CrossFit?  Before Crossfit, I mainly did my own thing at a typical globo gym – running, elliptical, and a little weight training.

What were your goals when joining CrossFit?  I wanted to feel young again, and I wanted to have my workouts count for something.  I wanted to feel stronger and look stronger. I also wanted to feel better about who I am no matter what my age or fitness level.

Has CrossFit affected your life outside the Gym? CrossFit has made me more focused and organized.  Most days I drive to Vermillion for class, so in order to get my workouts in I need to be organized and ready to go.  CrossFit has helped me focus on what matters and it also helps my mind work.  Getting my workout in either starts my day or sometimes may end the day.  It is a great tim to clear my mind of all the other junk, and I can just relax and work on myself.

Do you have any other special memories/ achievements during your time here?  Yes, I remember my first couple of month at the gym and at times feeling overwhelmed at learning so many new movements and lifts.  Mike Heineman came over to me and reassured me that I will catch on and things do get easier. When you are a new person in a new world it is always great to get a little encouragement from your fellow workout buddies.

What advice would you give to a newbie just joining CrossFit Sioux Falls?  Even if you hate the workouts and are scared to participate, come as much as you can because the community is the best part of the gym. The main thing everyone needs to know as well is give yourself time, don’t give up, keep coming and working and you will start to see the results that you are looking for both physically and mentally.


Billy, thank you for being such an excellent member athlete and congratulations on Member of the Month for October.



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Join CrossFit Sioux Falls now and get 1-month of Free CrossFit

Join CrossFit Sioux Falls now and get 1-month of Free CrossFit

Are you ready to join?


PROMO DETAILS: at bottom, but please read entire post for an overview.  Thanks, Greg

CrossFit Sioux Falls is expanding.  Our expansion is your opportunity.
In the past month, we have invested over $20,000 in the gym and equipment with another $10,000 expected in the immediate future.  The gear, while some on backorder, is expected in the next 2 weeks.  At that time, we will take over approximately  2,000 square feet of actual floor space right next to our existing space.  Most notably, this expansion will allow us to reach more people in the Sioux Falls area with the best mix of coaching and training in town.  I believe we have the absolute best strength and conditioning program in town and want you to be a part of it.

Wow guys, what the heck did you buy?
If you have ever been in the gym, you will note we already have likely the most vast assortment, quantity and high quality gear in Sioux Falls.  Yet, we are upgrading from there.  Over a ton of Colored Competition plates, true Olympic lifting bearing barbells,  10 additional Rogue Ohio bars, another Rogue infinity rig, Games style boxes, and other sweet gear.  You will be hard-pressed to find another CrossFit gym in the country with the gear we have.

Great, how about coaching?
Our trainers are the best group in town.  For some this is their full-time career; for all they learn, compete, and share with all our members.  This is a fantastic staff to learn from and improve yourself.

Sounds Awesome. How do I fit in?
CrossFit is for you.  That’s right.  I said you.  Not the average, I just want to stay the same you; but the best you.  The competitive you.  The you that wants to be an elite you.  A better you.  The you frankly that has maybe been missing for a while or never been tapped.  The you that is inside.  An awesome you.

It may not be the you today.  That is fine.  That you is inside every one of us.  It is your choice what you do with it.

You have a choice every day.  Surround yourself with awesome people or average people.  It is likely you will follow suit.  I love awesome people.  People who want to learn, be better, improve.  You will be no better then the people you surround yourself with, the knowledge you gain, an the development of skill.

I do not believe you were meant to live at the average you.  Come in an experience a group of people 200+ strong who pushed average aside long ago and seek continuous growth in all aspects of life.

That is how you fit in.  Come in, commit, improve, and enhance yourself!

WOW, what a sales speech.  What’s the catch?
How does a 1-year commitment sound?  12-month minimum agreement?  PUKE! Terrible. To me it sounds like a screw job.

But here is the deal…

OPTION A: Have you done CrossFit in the past?  On your own? In a CrossFit gym? At CrossFit Sioux Falls?  Anywhere?

Maybe you just moved to Sioux Falls.  Possibly you have been missing in action for a while and want to come back to CFSF.  Could you be the “garage guy” we hear about killing WODs to Van Halen with a barbell next to your ’69 Camaro.  Whatever the case, if you have 3 or more months of past CrossFit experience and are looking to join a CrossFit gym, CrossFit Sioux Falls has an offer for you…

Any athlete who has at least 3-months of previous CrossFit experience and joins CrossFit Sioux Falls before October 31 will get their 1st month free. Yep, the entire 30-days Free.  ***Here is the Fine Print: Your total commitment after the 1st month free is just our standard 3-months (so 4-months total then month to month – in case you want out, no hard feelings).  We accept both credit and debit cards and there is no start-up fee.  Any day thereafter, you can quit any time 10-days before your next billing date hits.  No further commitment or fine print just come in and tell us; that simple, no fancy “lock you into something you do not want to be in.”

OPTION B: I have never done this CrossFit thing but am interested.

Any athlete with no CrossFit experience and joins CrossFit Sioux Falls before October 31 will get their 1st month free. Yep, the entire 30-days Free.  ***Here is the Fine Print: Your total commitment after the 1st month free is 4-additional (so 5-months total then month to month – in case you want out, no hard feelings).  We accept both credit and debit cards and there is no start-up fee.  Any day thereafter, you can quit any time 10-days before your next billing date hits.  No further commitment or fine print just come in and tell us; that simple, no fancy “lock you into something you do not want to be in.”  LIMITED: 1st 10 athlete commitments only for this one.

With this expansion, CrossFit Sioux Falls is excited to strengthen our core group of athletes and change lives.  CFSF truly is an amazing place filled with not only equipment, trainers, athletes and workouts but emotions, community, love, success, failure, wins and shared life.  It is filled with people who live, truly live.  People who want more out of life and themselves. People who expect more and know “easy” does not typically create triumph. Will it be filled with you?

I believe CrossFit Sioux Falls is the best place to workout in our community, hands down.  There are many places in town you can get a workout.  If you want to be trained, as an athlete, improving in life to attain more tomorrow, with an amazing community of friends, and trainers who know how to make you better, I recommend you find CrossFit Sioux Falls.   Bring your experience and together, let’s make CFSF even stronger.

Throw Average aside.  Be ATHLETE YOU!

See you in the gym.


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#BlessTheGym Tour @ CrossFit Sioux Falls

CrossFit Sioux Falls is proud to announce we have made our gym a stop for the #BlessTheGym Tour put on by two time and current Olympian Kendrick Farris.

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy of

This is a one day seminar on Sunday October 26th focusing on the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Come expecting to be coached by one of, if not the, best lifters to ever represent the stars and stripes. If you would like to use PVC to warm up, that is fine, but but come ready to work up to 80% as this will be a live camp. We couldn’t be happier to have this opportunity right here at CrossFit Sioux Falls.


From now until Tuesday September 30th 7:30 PM, we have 20 spots available to current CFSF members. You can choose to pay by credit card for $235.00 or cash/check for $225.00. Your spot is reserved when we receive payment. After 7:30 PM on the 30th we will open any remaining spots to the general public for $295.00 for all payment methods. General public members can reserve a spot on the waiting list at anytime by emailing Matt Byers at (Please use subject like of “BTG Tour”). This does NOT guarantee you a spot as current members will receive priority.  Then we will make our way down that list on the 30th with the remaining spots of the original 20. We will announce if we fill internally and email those back if we do not have any remaining spots.

This is a one day seminar, Sunday Oct 26th @ CrossFit Sioux Falls. Expect a seminar brief from Kendrick before the 2 hour morning session, lunch break, then 2 hour afternoon session, followed up with time for pictures and time with Kendrick Farris. Please note no video will be allowed any time during the seminar, and only paid attendees will be allowed in the gym during the seminar. We will provide more specifics to the attendees as the date approaches. Reserve your spot now!!!

Any question please contact Matt Byers

Check out

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

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Daycare Policies and Reminders





We love kids.  Trust us, we have 5 of them, and I love hanging our with them, playing with them, watching then grow and develop.  And we are happy to be a small part of your kids lives as well when you come to the gym.  Even so, at time in life with kids, we tend to overlook the obvious out of our own desire to do something; I know I do it.  And guilty as charged, occasionally I need to be reminded of the policies or courtesies that make this all work in the end.

The interesting thing about policies is that we all like to stretch them until they are policed.  I on the other hand like to think of adults as wise enough to sensibly self-police.  Yet, there are times humanity fails these high standards ;)  As such and with winter season, colds, flus and such already coming, please read ahead.

Sick Kids Policy
We all know that school is in full swing and the weather is getting colder.  Germs are flying around everywhere and in order to protect our members along with there children we are implementing (reinforcing is a better word) some rules on daycare to keep everyone safe and healthy during this years winter and flu season.

Please do not bring your child to the gym if they:

  • have or had a temperature within the last 24 hours
  • has vomited or has had diarrhea within the last 24 hours
  • has a runny nose with green or yellow mucus
  • has been exposed to a contagious disease (chicken pox, head lice, pink eye, etc.)
  • if your child is home sick and missing school do not bring them to the gym! No exceptions!

The flipside of ignoring this on top of getting other kids affected it that our Daycare (thanks Alli and Sarah and all of our workers) themselves become sick and then it is unavailable to all.

And, how about you?  We would also like these same policies to be upheld by our adult members as well if you are not feeling good or may be sick please rest and stay home.  Our trainers and other staff do not want to be subjected to the winter flu season.

Daycare After-Hours and Unstaffed Hours Policy
Again, we all love your children in the gym, and we want our members to be able to come in and get a workout in when it works with there schedule.  Sometimes this means bring your children in when there is no daycare.  Being the mother of 5 I totally understand how you may have to bring the kids with you when there is unsupervised daycare.  If you choose to use the daycare with No Supervision you are responsible for picking up toys and turning off the TV when your children are done.  This is just common courtesy for other members and our staff.  This is a privilege for you and your children; please do not abuse the system and make us take this away.

How do I avoid this?  Yelling up the stairs for your unattended child IS NOT picking up after yourself.  Trust me (Greg) as I see it daily.  I know you just got done working out and want to get your child and run, yet cruise up the stairs, pick up the jumble as a group and it will be done for all.

Food and Drinks
Food and drinks are NOT permitted in daycare; in the past we have allowed both but today and going forward because of food allergies and mess we are not going to be able to have your children eating and drinking in the childcare area.  Please make sure to feed your children before or after daycare hours.  We have tried this in the past and struggled here folks.  Believe it or not Fruit Loops and Cheerios in a baggie while not a nutritious meal still constitute food. Banana = Food.  Happy Meal = again really bad food, but still Food.

Diapers and Change of Cloths
If your child is still in diapers, it is up to you to bring diapers and wipes to the gym for your child.  It is not the responsibility of the daycare worker to change your child’s diaper, and if they need to they have the right to come and get you from class.  It is optional for you to bring a change of clothes for your children.

Picking up Your Children
Please be respectful to our staff and pick your children up no later then 5-10 minutes after class is dismissed.  We also ask that you keep your children off of all the equipment; we would hate for anyone to get hurt.  Also we all know about our parking lot and how dangerous any parking lot can be so please make sure that when you get your kids from daycare they are with you at all times in the gym.  Please DO NOT assume someone is watching them.

We love your children and want them in the gym yet we also need to have rules and reminders in place so that nobody gets sick or hurt and things run smoothly.  And, we do work hard to staff it and have it available as much as possible.  We also know we are not perfect.  If you have any questions or concerns about the daycare please feel free to call, email, or facebook me.  We would love to hear any comments on our daycare area we are always interested in what you have to say.  Thanks again for understanding!

Liza (with additional commentary from Greg)






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Fall Outlook 2014

Fall Outlook 2014



Like it or not as our South Dakota weather cools off, it’s time for fall. Whether it be time for school for yourself/kiddos, it can be a busy time of the year as well. As the gym went through some transition, it is also shaping up to be a very exciting time this fall.  Not only are more memberships coming in the door, we have several events either about to unfold or already rolling.

* We’ve installed a new Big Ass Fan to keep it cool and to keep air moving. Not that you get to actually use it yourself, but a very solid investment in the members as we continue to grow.

* Continuing on the facility investment, we also bought a real floor scrubber.  Now we can all lunge and leave with clean knees.  And while we will keep our chalk around, it is cool to be able to get the mats sparkling black.

*Speaking of growing, come October we will be taking over the space immediately west of our current space (along with a new door where the KB’s currently sit). This new space will allow us to split up large classes, offer more classes, new times for current classes, more intro, barbell club and the likes.  We will cross over 5,000 square feet of just gym space and 7,000 sq ft in the complete facility.

*Of course this new space wouldn’t be complete without some new equipment! Does anyone like Blue, Green and Yellow? Stay tuned…

*We have purchased a new Crossover Symmetry system to test shoulder mobility/development/rehab.  Plus, they threw in a cool hat for me (Greg) and Cody so how could we not get that deal.  Seriously though…great system.

*A new session of Intro class started today, 9/15.  If you missed, no worries you are still in luck.  We can work anyone in through next week.

*Lurong Paleo challenge has kicked off!  Today was day 1.  I (Greg) nailed it.  But, it was Day 1.  I hope we can all succeed through this challenge together.  Accountable and counting.

*Sunday class is back 9/21! (open gym at 4:00 with class at 5:00).  It is on MindBody and we are excited to get this rolling again.  Plan to attend.

*605 Barbell Club is up and running, more time slots coming with the new space.

*We just had nearly 20 athletes from the CFSF community compete at the Granite Games.  Awesome event to watch our athletes excel.  I truly was impressed by all.

*CFSF Fall Throw Down coming Soon! (Open to members only) and have a Holloween Costume ready!  Final details being made.

*Fit Aid punch cards Available… $26.50 tax included for 10 punches…save a little coin and chug away!  If you would like one, put it on the sheet when you take your next FitAid.  We will ring you out and punch out your first one.

*Returning member promotion coming in October.  Interested?  Are you a returning member or experienced CrossFitter?  Too anxious to wait…contact us for more details or await the post.

A very exciting time for the CFSF community… we can’t thank you enough for the community you have all helped us build. We look forward to the fall and continuing to work on providing a gym you are proud to call your own.


The CFSF Team.

(Post created by Matt with additional comments from Greg)

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Overview of the LuRong Paleo Challenge- Meeting Wednesday Sept 10th 6:30



All right I know many of you have questions about this new Paleo Challenge that we are trying and after reading the 60 pages of rules and “to do’s” I totally understand why you have questions.  I am going to try and summarize as much as I can for all of you and then we will be having an info meeting Wednesday night at 6:30 for more questions.

The challenge starts on Monday September 15th-Sunday November 9th; in order to be eligible to win cash and prizes you must complete all of the requirements of the 8 week long Challenge.  These rules include completing 10 standardized workouts, dietary compliance, taking before and after body measurements, recording your weight at the beginning and end of the challenge, setting and tackling goals, trying new recipes, and submitting a video or written experience.  I know this list is long and it sounds a little overwhelming at first but all of these things are going to help you be successful with this challenge.  We will plan on covering every requirement in our weekly meetings as well.  I think one of the most important requirements and key to your success is goal setting and that will be covered in our first meeting.

You will be required to complete 10 workouts during the challenge, weeks 1 and 2 you will be required to complete 3 workouts; these are going to be your baseline workouts.  In weeks 7 and 8 you will test these workouts again to see how much you have improved on your performance.  During weeks 3-6 you have 1 workout each week to complete.  We will have these workouts programmed into our Thursday workouts, or you are more than welcome to come into open gym and do the work.  There is an option for each workout to choose your skill level, level 1 being the easiest and level 3 being the most challenging.  The level that you choose for workout 1 -3 must be the same level that you use for workouts 8-10 as these are the testing workouts.

Weeks 1&2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Weeks 7&8
Benchmark Workouts (WODs 1, 2, and 3) WOD 4 WOD 5 WOD 6 WOD 7 Benchmark Workouts WODs 8, 9, and 10
Initial Body Measurements Ending Body Measurements
Starting Weight Ending Weight
Set Goals Track Goals
Recipe Explorer
Educational Blog
Written Experience
Video Experience
Optional Progress Photos Upload

Measurements and Pictures:
During the challenge we will be taking 7 different body measurements; these measurements will be taken at the beginning and at the end of the challenge.  The seven areas are waist, hips, chest, right and left legs, right and left arms.  We will be doing the measurements at the gym starting Monday morning September 15th; please make sure you email me and set up a time to get your measurements done.  Weight will also be done at the same time as your measurements; again try to make sure to wear the same clothing for your first weigh in and your last.

Dietary Rules and Guidelines:
Everyone will submit their food log on the challenge platform page for everyday of the challenge.  You will mark a “cheat” or “clean” for each of the 6 time periods during the day.  This will make more sense when you go to the challenge platform and see how it is set up.  The time periods that you are accountable for logging are Breakfast, Morning, Lunch, Afternoon, Dinner, and Evening.  You will receive 3 points for every “clean” and receive 1 point for every “cheat”.  If you fail to submit any score at all that will result in a 0 score for that day.  You will have 6 full days to enter in your scores for a given day.  You will need to read through the dietary rules to find out exactly what counts as a “cheat.”  Below is an overview of Paleo foods and foods you are allowed to eat in moderation.

General Paleo Diet Rules

  • Eat lean meats, lots of vegetable, some fruit, some seeds and nuts, limited starches, no sugar, no dairy, and no legumes.
  • No candy, soda, pastas, wheat, rice, oats, rice, artificial ingredients, bagels, tortillas, corn, or cereals.
  • No, beans, peas, lentils, white potatoes, or soy.
  • No milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, or butter (see ghee exception).

General Moderation Defined

Many foods are perfectly acceptable and nutritionally beneficial for someone to consume while trying to become healthier or when losing weight. However, some of these items need to be limited in their quantity or frequency of consumption in order to help Participants reach their goals.

Foods that are listed in the Food Search under Moderation without any specific rule, serving, or allotment are considered General Moderation. The Sponsor puts it in the hands of the Participant to police themselves on these items. With these items more is not better, primarily due to either their high calorie content or potential effect on blood glucose levels or insulin response.

Specific Moderation Defined

Some foods need a little stricter monitoring than a general call to moderation, especially when the goal is weight loss, body transformation, and improved performance. Therefore, some food items listed as moderation will also contain a serving size and allowance in order to help keep Participants on track and more likely to reach their goals.

Reference the Food Search for comlete details.

Special Allowances

Natural Sweeteners- 1 total combined tablespoon per day or 1 pack of Stevia (1 Packet per day= 1 gram). Allowable sweeteners are listed in the food search. Some of the included items are raw agave, honey, coconut crystals, erythritol, and pure maple syrup.

Bacon- eat in moderation only if no nitrates or nitrites and nutrition label says “0″ Grams of Sugar. Some are cured in traces amounts of sugar so sugar could be on the ingredient list but if it says “0” grams of sugar it is allowed.

Ghee- Grass fed clarified butter is the only dairy exception. When grass fed it is a versatile and healthy fat source with valuable Omega-3 fatty acids. Limit Ghee to 2 tablespoons per day.

Caffeine- Naturally occurring caffeine from tea or coffee is in general moderation, but caffeine in a supplement or listed as an ingredient on the label is limited to 30 mgs or less in a serving. Zero Calorie Chewing Gum- no more than 2 sticks per day

Wine- One 6 ounce glass of red or white wine per day with dinner. You cannot save up days for a weekend splurge.

Lemon juice or fruit juice- if used for flavoring or cooking (3 oz or less per day)

Protein Shake Supplementation- Due to the wide spectrum of Participants in the Challenge and different end goals we are allowing 1 serving of your choice of Protein Powder supplementation if it is taken within 30 minutes post- workout. It cannot be used as a meal replacement or used in any manner other than as a post WOD Protein Supplement. A pure egg white or hemp protein with no added sugar or other banned items would not be held to the same limitation.

Endurance Athletes- many Participants may be training for or competing in an endurance event during the Challenge. For any event or training session that lasts for 120 minutes or more of continuous and strenuous exercise a Participant is allowed to supplement with electrolyte replenishing drinks, goo, energy blocks, etc.

Bonus Points:
You will also get the opportunity to earn bonus points which will help you on some of those days that your “cheats” may have been high.  Here is how the bonus points work….

Bonus Point Title Why Points Possible
Benchmark Workout Completion 5 points for completing each benchmark workout 30
Performance Workout Completion 15 point for each workout completed 60
Goals 5 points each for your first 6 tracked goals 30
Recipe Explorer 4 points for up to 5 recipes submitted 20
Written Experience Submitting a written experience 10
Video Experience Recording and submitting a video of your experience 20
Total Bonus Points Possible 170

I hope this helps clear up some of the confusion and makes the challenge easier to understand.  Remember that we are having a meeting tonight (Wednesday) night at 6:30, so if you are thinking about doing the challenge or you have already signed up and just have a few questions please come to the meeting for feel free to email me at Also the link to the rules page on the LuRong Challenge website is  and please go to this page, it will give you all of the information you need to know.  It will also give you all of the deadlines you need to know for the whole 8 weeks.

Challenge ahead!



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“Advanced Class” and 605 BC

hard gym

The current time slots of M/W/F 9:30 AM and T/Th 6:30 PM are known as “Advanced Class”.  What this class is and is not has always been a combination of mystery and what we felt the gym needed at the time. It has come time in it’s evolution to once again tweak to attempt to get what we want out of the time.

Step one will be to draw a line between the morning and evening time slots as they will be treated different, programmed different, and coached different.

9:30 AM on M/W/F will remain “Advanced Class” and “start” at 9:30 and run until 11:00. What this means is, it is NOT open gym and coaching will begin at 9:45, most likely barbell in hand. Warm up as needed, the provided warm up for the Daily WOD can be used, but is not mandatory by any means. The programming for this class will be intended for those who chose to do competitions, and will be fairly intense in both volume and expected ability. We understand that at times this is the only time slot someone can make from time to time. You are all more than welcome to come to this time slot, we just may have to scale things to allow for proper training.

9:30 AM M/W/F Advanced Class

*Warm Up is 9:30 to 9:45 (on your own)

*Coaching begins at 9:45

*You can be late…but showing up at 10:30 is not late, that is expecting Open Gym, which is at 1:00 PM (Reminder, there is no Open Gym on T/Th at 1:00PM)

*If you have a comp coming up and need/want to test a WOD, clear it with the coach before class, and it can be done after the barbell work (skill/strength).




 6:30 PM T/Th “Advanced Class” will now be known as 605 Barbell Club  (605 BC)

* This will be reverting of sorts to our “Olympic Lifting” Class of the past.

*First 10-15 minutes are stand warm up on your own.

*This class will focus on barbell lifts and accessory work helping mainly with the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

*There will be some conditioning, but nothing like the daily WOD’s, they will be shorter, heavier, or containing only barbell movements.

*Knowing your Snatch and C&J PR will be very helpful to the programming, but not mandatory.

*This class is not tailored for advanced weightlifters and will focus a lot on technique and position work we all can use.

*We will very rarely have max out days, to be honest these would probably only be on a Saturday.

*Yes this class can be performed with an empty barbell, training bar, or even some PVC.

*The programming will be based off the work done by the Power and Grace Performance Team  (Will not follow exact as that is 5 days a week)

**If you have a comp coming up and need/want to test a WOD, clear it with the coach before class, and it can be off to the side.

*You can do both a daily WOD and 605BC, but keep it mind it counts as 2 classes and both will have skill strength, so be smart and don’t double dip if you can help it.

I would like to add more class slots for 605 BC, so please email me at if you have times that would work, or have any questions (About either class). I am hoping to add Saturday 10:30 AM as well (not replacing Open Gym, but splitting the gym).

Thanks, and hope to see you all at the gym.


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LuRong Paleo Challenge Starting September 15th

For those of you who are interested in changing your way of thinking about food and improving not only your performance in the gym but in life this Paleo Challenge is for you.  Registration opens today August 11th, so stop thinking about making a change and get ready to do it!  Athletes will be tested in 10 workouts which include 3 benchmark WODs and 4 performance WODs.  This allows participants to challenge themselves physically, see how much they improve, and how they match up with others.  This is also a great opportunity to win prizes and learn how easy eating Paleo can be. Check out the challenge at, get signed up today!

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angie johnson

September Athlete of the Month – Angie Johnson

angie johnson

The September member of the month is Angie Johnson; she is well deserving of this honor.  Angie is one of the friendliest, most positive and inviting members in the gym.  If you are a new member she is the first person you would want to find in your class.  She always has a smile on her face, always challenging herself in the gym and looking for new things to learn.

I remember Angie when she first joined and how badly she wanted to do a handstand and then learn to do a handstand pushup.  She worked before and after class for months and she mastered both movements.  It is always awesome to watch our members grow and do things that they never thought they could do, and that is why I think Angie is such an inspiration to so many of our woman members.  She never gives up and is always working hard to achieve her next goal.

Angie wrote a testimonial a while ago that I want to share it with all of you about her experience at CFSF and how it has changed her life.

Congratulations Angie and thank you for being such a leader and positive influence on us all.


I’m not one who usually makes testimonials, but I’ve been seeing all of these New Years resolution posts on Facebook about diets and “cleanses” and such, and this is the first year in a long time that I haven’t felt like that. Thanks to CrossFit, I’ve made lifestyle changes that far outweigh a fad diet or temporary detox. I can’t really explain how happy I am. I feel strong and confident and just plain awesome.

While I’ve certainly lost weight since I started CrossFit, my weight is no longer a number that defines me. Instead it’s a frame of reference for when I’m working on the pull up rig, kicked up into a handstand or doing any of the Olympic lifts (like how I snatched more than half my body weight yesterday!)

After only 8 months of CrossFit, I’m nothing but excited about what’s to come. It’s changed the way I think about my body. It’s changed the way I think about food. It’s forced me to believe in myself.

My resolution this year is not to get to a certain number on the scale or a certain pants size. Instead, it’s to get my first strict pull-up. My first handstand push-up. To get better, stronger, faster.

And I’m so happy that I get to work towards these goals with you and all of the trainers at CrossFit Sioux Falls.

I seriously love you all :)

- angie

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The Transition from “That Day”

The Transition from “That Day”

Casey Mouw – CrossFit Sioux Falls


You try to put it off as long as possible.  In this case, we have been blessed, fortunate, thankful to have 9 months to get to “That Day.”  “That day,” the last day of Casey Mouw working at CrossFit Sioux Falls (at least in this stint – yes I am wishfully selfish), finally came today.

I had lunch with Liza today and asked her if she was going to share anything.  “I need to but I do not think I can.  I just can’t do it.” Yay -Lucky me ;)  So with what is now “This Day,” I thought I would share a few thoughts.  (By the way, I am typing this at 4:43pm, Thursday August 14, 2014.  “That Day” is August 15.)


I think it is important for all to know that Liza and myself support Casey 100%.  While Liza and I did discuss with Casey numerous options to never reach “This Day,” we both love him and wish him only the best; we hope he reaches out if ever in need of anything or just someone to talk to, visit, or hang out with.  He has been a blessing to our entire family, our kids love him, and we will miss him in our daily lives.  I asked Liza last week, what will she miss the most and she replied, “just seeing him and knowing he is going to be in the gym.”  I pondered her words and have to agree myself.  He truly has made our lives better.

Not sure if everyone knows this, but it is difficult to type with tears in your eyes.  And while I planned to share some of the special, behind the scenes happenings, personal stories and stuff only Liza, myself and Casey know, we remain a somewhat guarded group who will retain these memories in exchange for smiles at each other. Yes folks, Casey does smile!  Quite a bit actually.

And we do have plans to keep him in our lives…so this is not a tear-jerking story that just ends.  It is a transition!!!

In the past 4 years CrossFit Sioux Falls has evolved into a premier CrossFit and strength and conditioning program with Casey as the Lead Trainer doing vast responsibilities in the gym.  We could count on him for any need; he just makes things happen.  Had he not been involved from our start, CrossFit Sioux Falls would not be what it is today.  Yet today, we can thank him as we have a strong team: Cody, Matt, Jeremy, Zak, Doc Rob, Liza and myself.  We also have Casey still involved in behind the scenes programming capacities.  We have all the people in place to continue ahead what we started together as a team four January’s ago.  We will transition and do it well.

To close, these posts are never easy to write.  I do not like these days.  “I’m not good at good-bye’s” – arms wide open. And there is so many things that could be said, yet I think it fitting to just end with just a simple note to share with all on some closing thoughts for Casey.



Thank you for all you have done, we will miss you – both CrossFit Sioux Falls and our family.  I will always be grateful for the care and time you have for our kids; you have become part of our family.  I will forever appreciate you being a cherished friend to Liza, in fact the lunches and dinners in just the past couple weeks have been special.  She will miss you deeply; as you know you are so dear to her. Seeing you grow up has been a sheer joy for me; you have gone from a college kid to an awesome adult for which I have high expectations and aspirations.  We have experienced and learned much together; thank you.  Your dad and mom are proud of you and that is fun to see in their eyes as well.  Liza and I pray for your dreams to come true and appreciate your desire to make big things happen; you can do it, even if the “it” changes.  You will be a success in your next pursuit, just as you have been in this stop. We loved this stop; make just a big of impact on the next one.  Liza and I love you and wish you the best; we are here for you. Please call once in a while or often, maybe daily :) And we look forward to seeing where the future takes you.  And when you feel the desire to stop back  home, all of CrossFit Sioux Falls is here for you.  Onward!


Liza and Greg


PS: Get out tonight to Bros and celebrate with all of us and Casey tonight (Friday, August 15) at 8:00pm.  If running a few minutes late, we will be there ;)



Please feel free to comment to Casey as desired.






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