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Love your life or change it.

Credit for the title/quote goes to The Attitude Nation (

Introduction by CrossFit Sioux Falls: Life is a great opportunity for all of us to maximize our own given individual.  With this opportunity, things evolve and change happens.  As we learned last week, “People Come and People Go” and even so, strong communities remain strong, thrive, and grow ahead.

Over the past couple weeks, people have asked me of our plans moving ahead; to which I could confidently reply, “we have it covered.”  We believe we have a great plan in place, a solid familiar leader returning, a coach I am excited to welcome back.  I asked him to put together his own introduction and while he will be joining us full-time shortly; today, we are proud to make it public.  CrossFit Sioux Falls community, your next coach dedicated to advancing your health and fitness goals is MattyB.  Please read his intro “Love your life or change it.”

Matt, we are excited to have you on board.

– Liza, Greg and the entire team and community at CrossFit Sioux Falls


“Love your life or change it.”

For some this is an introduction, some a re-introduction, and for many a chance for me to say, “hello”.  Due to my erratic writing style, I’ll attempt to get to the point before I wander off. With that being said, an opportunity, although bittersweet, for me to re-join the community you all have built, and I used to call home, has presented itself. I have accepted a position at CrossFit Sioux Falls as a full time coach.

Looking back at the past half dozen or so years, it’s easy to wonder why I didn’t make something like this happen before. But I suppose, ultimately, I was just given a chance to learn, make mistakes, grow up, walk away, and now come back. Regardless what I was or wasn’t doing, a few common denominators kept resurfacing. There was no eliminating my love for the barbell. No matter what I did, the fire to improve would just never burn out. Even when I let life’s daily struggles and stress weigh me down, I was looking forward to when I could get back to the chalk bucket.

I also take comfort in knowing the quality already in place. CFSF has quality members, quality coaches, quality facilities, quality equipment, quality standards, you get it, quality all over the place. I’m not showing up to attempt to re-invent the wheel folks. I’m showing up to be a part of it, I’m showing up to help you get out of it what you want.

Oh ya…who am I? Well for those that don’t know me, my name is Matt Byers, also known as MattyB. If you have ever seen a short, random, bearded inked up ginger, often sleeveless… that might have been me. I’ve been involved with CrossFit for around six years or so. I have both my CrossFit Level 1, and CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certifications. I’ve coached previously at CFSF part time. I recently also got my USAW Level 1 (Weightlifting) Certification and have been coaching the Olympic Lifts the last couple of months. Along with this I have been receiving remote coaching from USAW Level 2 Coach Spencer Arnold of Power and Grace Performance. I’m a constant student of CrossFit, Weightlifting, nutrition, supplementation, I enjoy it all. My approach is simple, have a purpose, always chase results, but enjoy it. Let it be a job for me. You? Show up, laugh, work hard, lift barbells, dish out high fives, get strong and get fit… rinse and repeat.

Not that I expect many to care all too much, but I do seemed to get asked quite frequently. Also for a level of transparency, I will not be a “competitor” myself. I will workout, yes of course, but I personally tend to focus the Olympic lifting side of the house. Instead I will be focusing on coaching and the gym.

I literally can’t wait to get started. There currently isn’t a magic date set in stone, but it will be soon. I’ve got to tie up some loose ends in corporate America before I throw up the dueces. But after that… let’s make it happen. No matter what, I’m here to help, and very happy to be a part of it.

Rawr…make it happen.


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People Come and Go

I need to apologize.  This past year has been very busy for me in a number of ways and so I haven’t really written anything of substance in a while.  Luckily, Deane picked up the slack a few weeks ago with a damn good piece (you need to read it if you haven’t).  This particular blog is one that I’ve waited on because it’s a tough one to write.  As some of you know, I have decided to pursue my master’s degree at the University of Northern Iowa, and I will be leaving CFSF in August.

This is something that I’ve always really wanted to do, and something I would’ve done sooner had it not been for the great opportunity I was given here at the gym.  From the first time I entered a weight room and worked with a strength coach, I knew that’s what I wanted to do.  I found CrossFit in college and was drawn to coaching it because it was as close to that weight room setting as I was going to get at the time.  But I feel that going for this must happen now or it never will.

Anyone who has spent much time around me knows that I never settle at “good enough”.  Whether I’m coaching the movement of others, going about my own training, sweeping the gym floor, or anything else; I always feel I can be better, and I always feel everyone around me can be better.  I can honestly say that I’ve worked every day over the past 3 years to make this place better.  Better coaches, better members, better athletes, never wanting to settle for where we are because I saw what this place and everyone here could be.  So with this in mind, much of my decision to leave, though somewhat selfish, is really about bettering myself.  To anyone reading this, whether I’ve coached you or not, I encourage you to take on the mindset of constantly looking to self-improve.  If you only expect what you are, that’s all you’ll be.  If you expect more of yourself, and you work at it, you’ll always have the chance to be more.

While I talk about never settling, I can look back and feel pretty good about how far this place and the people here have come.  As many of you know, CrossFit gets a lot of negative press, and of course because we have a common name with the idiots in the FailBlog videos, we get lumped into that group.  I wish those writing these ”articles” would see the way we work with people.  I wish they would see what we put into programming, and how much our coaches care about helping people.  I wish the camera crews came here to showcase how much people improve (mentally and physically) rather than the safety risks of what we do.  I wish they’d come to get footage of our soccer mom’s throwing weights around with confidence.  I wish they would come to interview one of our coaches who is in college, and chooses to spend his weekends working toward his dreams rather than binge drinking with his peers.  I guess people see what they want to, but even for someone as highly-critical as myself, there are a lot of good things happening here.  Trust me when I tell you that me leaving wont’ change this, and there will be more to come in the future, this place is in good hands.

The greatest part of this job is the people I’ve met along the way.  The list of people I want to thank for helping me get this far is long, and I’ll likely need to write another blog to do it justice.  For now, I can’t say anything without thanking Greg and Liza for giving me this opportunity three and half years ago when I had just finished college, and didn’t really know shit about coaching or about people.  Even still, they let me have the floor and the whiteboard.  They have taken me in like a son, and literally put a roof over my head when I needed it, and I won’t ever forget it.  If it wasn’t for you two, I might still be on that feedlot.   Thanks to my parents teaching me how to work hard, as I’m not sure this is something every kid gets instilled in them, but it definitely was in me.  Thanks to my friends for so many great memories of enjoying fun times and surviving tough ones, you all make life worth living.  Thanks to my all of my coaches, each with a life lesson that I carry with me every day, and many with phrases that I’ve stolen and used as my own.  Thanks also to the people who told me I wouldn’t be any good at this, that said I wasn’t good with people, and that I would never get everyday people to want to lift heavy weights or “work that hard”.  Motivation comes in all forms.  Lastly, thanks to everyone that’s let me coach them in some way, shape, or form and trusted me with their development.  Without you all I wouldn’t have a chance at any of this.

I’ve been at CFSF from (almost) the beginning back in 2009.  In that time I’ve seen it change a lot, but the thing that has always struck me is the way people come and go.  I’ve come to learn that this is just a part of life.  As I said before, I’ve had many friends come into my life here, and many friends I’ve seen go as well.  A friend introduced me to this poem by Henry Rollins, and while it’s quite meat-head in nature, I always thought it was pretty spot-on.  Now that it’s my turn to go, I’ve been thinking back to it more and more, and I thought it would be good to close with.  Thanks for reading!



The Iron never lies to you. You can walk outside and listen to all kinds of talk, get told that you’re a god or a total bastard. The Iron will always kick you the real deal. The Iron is the great reference point, the all-knowing perspective giver. Always there like a beacon in the pitch black. I have found the Iron to be my greatest friend. It never freaks out on me, never runs. Friends may come and go. But two hundred pounds is always two hundred pounds.  -Henry Rollins

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granite games

Granite Games Friday Night Lights

The Granite Games qualifying workouts begin this week and we will be doing a Friday Night Lights format.  We have been thinking about doing this during the open and this will be a great time to test it out and see how it goes.  Our plan right now is to have warm up start right after our last class which is 5:30pm.  Everyone should be ready to go for the first heat by 7pm, we will have the heats on Facebook Thursday night so you know exactly when you compete.

We want to make Friday night fun and we will do a gym social afterward this first week and then we will have planned events for the last two weeks.  We need everyone who is participating to sign up on the main board at the gym!  The workouts will not be anything different then the open, so if you competed in that or are interested in competing for the first time this is a great opportunity to challenge yourself in a fun environment.

Make sure when you sign up you use our team code to get your discount ATHLETE14 and you sign up under our community CrossFit Sioux Falls.

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Why CrossFit Works for Me

I’ve waited a long time to write this.

I’ve been CrossFitting for almost two years now, and it’s been the most consistently successful exercise program I’ve ever been a part of. During that time, I’ve constructed and dismantled a dozen different theories to explain why, but I think I’ve only recently come to completely understand it.

Whether and why CrossFit works is different for everyone, but I’ve managed to boil it down to this:

1. Less Control
2. Greater Intensity

That’s it. CrossFit has removed control of my workout regimen from me, and it’s driven me to greater intensity than I ever could have by myself.

Less Control

I’ve spent the better part of my adult life in the gym in one form or another. I’ve run the gamut from being in generally good shape to being wildly out of shape. Up until CrossFit, I managed my own workout program – I decided when to workout, how to workout, and what to workout.

Part of my resistance to starting CrossFit was not wanting to give up this control. I had a palpable disdain for the idea of someone else telling me how to workout. Personal trainers seemed odd to me – why do you need someone else telling you what to do?  Micro-managing my workout was a point of pride. I knew what was right for me, and I didn’t need any help like those silly peasants in exercise classes.

What I didn’t realize was that this was holding me back. Left to my own plans, my workouts stayed pretty much the same. I would fall into the same ruts over and over.  I would hit the same plateaus and never break through them.

I was doing the same general routine for years: chest/shoulders/triceps one day, then back/biceps the next day, then legs. Even within the workouts: my basic chest/shoulders/triceps workout hadn’t changed in almost a decade.

The sad fact is that if we’re left to our own devices, we’re going to gravitate to the familiar and stay there. We’re going to work on what we feel comfortable working on, and we’re going to stay away from exercises that don’t make us happy at some level.

For the average gym rat, legs are not glamorous. When you’re looking at yourself in a mirror (which gym rats are prone to do), you tend to concentrate on what’s above the waist, so there’s a running joke in the weight lifting community about how empty the gym is on “Leg Day.”  Working on legs feels awkward to a lot of people, and there’s little psychological reward to it, so it doesn’t get done.

But awkwardness moves you forward. Those exercises you hate? It’s probably because you need to get better at them. They work some aspect of your fitness that you’re subconsciously avoiding, so they’re the exact thing you should be doing in the gym. (Two eyes looking right at you, Thrusters.  You too, Wall Walks.)

If you program your own workouts, you’re going to avoid this stuff. You’re going to stick with what you know, and what makes you feel good. Your comfort zone is a damn cozy place, and it’s a box that you’re not too quick to jump out of.

Sometimes, you gotta get pushed.

The human body is an amazingly adaptable instrument. Subject it to the same thing over and over again, and it adapts. Never change, and it adapts too well – it stops growing.

Muscle confusion is how you break that cycle. You have to keep your body guessing, and work it in ways that it’s not anticipating. Your workouts need to keep…mutating, over time, to stay one step ahead of how your body is trying to adapt.

This is what I was lacking. My body always knew what was coming. I was plateauing frequently. I hit walls that I was never going to get through.

CrossFit has forced me into such a broad, varied base of exercise that my body simply can’t adapt. The sadistic creativity of CrossFit never lets me get to a point where my body goes on cruise control. Almost every workout is different, so my body is learning to simply improve as much as possible because God only knows what’s coming next.

I tried to introduce a friend to CrossFit once, and he had a bunch of detailed questions about the workouts. Do they do Exercise X with this kind of focus? Do they allow Y days between this and that? And I don’t like doing Z after I do X, so can I avoid that? He was desperately trying to maintain control over his workout and center himself amidst a labyrinth of rules he had built up over two decades in the gym.

OMG – a CrossFit workout breaks some arbitrary rule that some guy once told you while resting 10 minutes between sets of bench press?  How devastating for you. I’d spend more time mourning the crushing failure of it all, but I’m too busy being awesome. I know, let’s both sit on the couch and eat Cheetos while we talk about all these rules you have and how we can delicately thread ourselves in between them all like some perverted game of Workout Twister.

Sorry – that’s snarky. But it all seems so ridiculous now. It’s a lot of mental effort which ultimately produces no physical advantage.

The way you get strong is pretty simple: you pick up heavy stuff, put it down, and then do that over and over. Lather, rinse, repeat. The way you get stamina is also simple: you push yourself as hard as you can, then do that over and over. Lather, rinse, repeat. And you do all this in such a varied way that your body can’t get used to it.

All the advice, tutorials and blog posts in the world aren’t gonna change that. Left to your own devices, you’re probably over-thinking things and trying to avoid what your body really needs.

Greater Intensity

My first CrossFit workout was on my 41st birthday. It was “The Labor Day Chipper,” which I’m told was some variation on The Dirty Thirty. I remember standing in front of the white-board and thinking, “This is insane. What the hell is wrong with these people?”

But I did it.

Actually, I didn’t finish. I think I was on the last exercise when time ran out (Tyler forced me to scale both weight and reps, though, so it wasn’t even close to Rx). I was up at the front of the box when it ended. I remember I was doing overhead press. Time was called, and I dropped the weight (which was kind of fun – I had never used bumper plates before).

I turned around, and I’ll never forget what I saw – it was as if a massive wind had blown through the room and knocked everyone over. Shirts were off, puddles of sweat were everywhere, and people were spread eagle on the floor, chests heaving up and down. I think someone was dry-heaving.

(Then I saw Amy, my wife’s cousin and the woman who talked me into this mess. I flipped her off.)

In a traditional gym, people try to maintain a veneer of control. They sweat, sure, but they never completely lose control because it’s going to make the people around them uncomfortable. Try to get to that level at a traditional health club and someone is likely to stop you “for your own safety.”  Grunting makes people skittish, to the point where Planet Fitness even has a “Lunk Alarm” which you can ring if someone is making too much noise while they workout. And just try taking your shirt off sometime…

(Remember, there are stickers on the machines that tell you to contact your doctor if you “experience discomfort.” How adorable is that?)

People go to a traditional gym for such a wide variety of reasons. Some are there because it’s fun, some because their friends are there, some to waste time, some because their doctor told them to, a lot because they want to look better in a bathing suit, and certainly some because they’re serious about getting better.

CrossFit is comprised almost totally of the latter. The emphasis at CrossFit is exclusively on improving performance. The only mirror at CrossFit Sioux Falls is the one in the bathroom. No one cares what you look like, only how you perform, or – more specifically – how serious you are at getting better.

Respect at the box is measured by consistency and effort. You’re simply expected to show up as often as you can, check your social grace at the door, and leave everything on the floor when the workout is done. If you’re not utterly wiped out when it’s over, then you didn’t work hard enough. Composure is the enemy that holds us all back.

And I’ve become convinced that it’s shared pain that gets us there. The whiteboard doesn’t play favorites – we all go through the same thing. The coaches are pleasant enough during warmups, but we know they’re gonna try to kill us all during the last 20 minutes of class.

That last 20 minutes of all CrossFit workouts (the “WOD”) is competitive. At some level, everyone wants to be the best.

But there’s something so much larger at work that it’s taken me almost two years to fully understand – what we all really want is to be part of the group. More specifically, we want to feel like we’re worthy of the group. Even more specifically, we want to live up to the unspoken standard of effort set by the group.

If I can see that Angie is giving everything she has out of the corner of my eye, I feel like I owe it to her to do the same. If I back off, then how is that fair to her?  She gave everything she could, and how can I look her in the eye and fist bump when it’s over unless I do that too? I’d feel like a fraud.

Remember when I turned around at the end of my first workout and saw 30 people completely wiped out? Within a few minutes, they picked themselves up off the floor. There were knowing glances, smiles, high fives, and conversation. The group had undeniably bonded. They were in the same place, physically and mentally and – dare I say it – spiritually. They shared something, both from this workout and from all the workouts that came before it.

It was almost…tribal.

And this has continued for almost two solid years. If I let myself down, then I let the group down. I know that I’m not part of the group unless I go all the way to edge of my own personal abyss and look over. The tribal sense of community when the workout is over is earned only if you give everything you have while the clock is running.

We band together and feed off each other to get to this place. It’s never said out loud, but the group simply expects me to push myself as hard as I can. I want to live up to their expectations because I want to be part of the group. The group pushes me, and I, in turn, push the group. We drive each other forward in a positive feedback loop.

And this where the ratcheting up of intensity and the release of control come full circle and meet each other: by abandoning the big picture and letting myself be programmed by the coaches, I’m free to concentrate on the small picture – the individual workout. I’m no longer spending my workouts questioning about how it fits into some larger framework. Am I doing the right thing? Should I change my routine? What is that guy doing differently than me?

It. Doesn’t. Matter.

All that matters is how I perform in the workout I’m doing. I’ve learned to trust the coaches. If I concentrate on the current moment, and on doing the best I can in that moment, then the big picture will take care of itself.

I heard a quote recently from Will Smith (of all people) that beautifully illustrates the point:

“You don’t set out to build a wall. You don’t say ‘I’m going to build the biggest, baddest, greatest wall that’s ever been built.’ You don’t start there. You say, ‘I’m going to lay this brick as perfectly as a brick can be laid. You do that every single day. And soon you have a wall.”

Trying to exercise control over the entire wall prevents you from conjuring up the intensity needed to lay a single brick as well as it can be laid.

Less control, greater intensity.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

This is why CrossFit works for me

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zak and parents

Congratulations Zak 8th Place in the North Central Region

Zak Carchedi, with his proud mom and dad, made us all cheer loud and proud this past weekend.  He is truly an amazing athlete among a group of elite CrossFit athletes. 8th Fittest in the North Central Region!

As most of you know by our crazy gym schedule, most of our coaching staff was at the North Central Regionals cheering on our very own Zak Carchedi.  It was a great weekend for Zak and CrossFit Sioux Falls.  Regionals is always fun and eye opening to how great the athletes really are in our region.  This year was no different; there was great competition all around in the woman and men’s side.

Zak personally had an amazing weekend.  We knew that he would do well but for his first time as an individual on a stage that can be somewhat intimidating he proved just how great he can be.  Zak’s best finish was in event 5, which was the Handstand Push Up, Front Squats, Burpees where he placed 9th.  Event 5 was his lowest placing event which was the 10 rounds of Rope Climbs, and sprints placing 18th.  He was consistent throughout the 3 days and landed in 8th place out of 42 competing athletes.  That sounds impressive for sure but what is more impressive is Zak is 8th out of over 5000 men from the North Central Region.

Zak is proof that hard work, dedication and being very scheduled and regimented does pay off.  We are very proud of Zak and how he represents CrossFit Sioux Falls. We are proud to have him as a coach and as an athlete.  When you see him around the gym please let him know how proud we are and how much you support his hard work.


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All CrossFit Reebok Shoes and Apparel now available at CrossFit Sioux Falls

Reebok products available at CrossFit Sioux Falls.

Attention athletes,

You now can order any and all shoes and apparel that is currently available and in stock on the official Reebok website ( at CrossFit Sioux Falls.  If you want too order any footwear, apparel or other product from Reebok, please check the website and then let either Cody, Liza, Casey or Jeremy know what you would like so we can get the order placed.  The details you need to let us know are the product, size, and colors.  We will place orders every Tuesday and Thursday starting on Tuesday April 29th.  Please have all orders in by noon on those days.

Products that are in-stock on take approx. 4-5 business days to arrive.  They will ship to the gym and if a return is needed, we will process for you.  Prices will be the retail price on  Kick-off for the 1st week, CrossFit Sioux Falls will pay the sales tax on all sales.

We can also pre-order the new Nano 4.0 and the new 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games gear.  We will have flyers in the office for those things to check out. We are trying to make things as convenient as possible for you.  We can take all payment options: credit card, cash, and check.

Any questions please let one of us know, and we will get it all figured out.  We are excited to offer these products and happy to assist in your customer service needs.

So there you have it…if it is on and “in-stock” we are here to help you get it as fast as possible.


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‘Intro to CrossFit’ – Next Class Starts Monday, April 21st

‘Intro to CrossFit’ – Next Class Starts Monday, April 21st

Intro to CrossFit Class is back at CrossFit Sioux Falls!  Our next class is set to start on Apirl 21st at 6:15pm, call, stop in or email us today if you are interested in this great opportunity.  Here are the details:

Do you want to change yourself? Be more lean, athletic, fit. Become faster, stronger, healthier. Feel better, more confident, and look the way you dream?

You can! And together, we can make it happen.

Come Join Our Great Community of Athletes

At CrossFit Sioux Falls, you not only have access to 45 weekly classes to transform your body, but coaches who will help you, guide you and motivate you to achieve a new you!

This is your best chance ever!  Start CrossFit with whole class full of people just like you as a part of our new beginners’ class, “Intro to CrossFit”.  Join others with their own goals and ambitions yet new to CrossFit and learn together from day 1, getting better day after day.  CrossFit from the ground up, building a foundation that you can use forever.  Better health, better body, better life.

“Intro to CrossFit” is for you! We start on April 21st, together moving forward.  


Class Details: “Intro to CrossFit”- learn the fundamentals and basics of CrossFit, perform body-changing workouts, experience life-lasting fitness.

Who: You, your friends, people who want to get fit, people who want to CrossFit and start with all new people, frankly anyone.

What: 12-session (one month long) strength and conditioning course that will teach the basic movements of Crossfit with a group of people who are all new to Crossfit.  We will also share nutrition, fun and life.

When:  Starts Monday, April 21st, 2014. Class will be held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings (for four weeks) at 6:30 pm.

Where: Crossfit of Sioux Falls, 3505 S Phillips Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57105.

Why:  Experience CrossFit while building an even better you.

Cost: $106 with tax.

For more information and to register please email, call 605-274-3474 or just stop into the gym anytime.

Let’s get started!

Contact us today,

The CFSF Team —

Liza, Casey, Zak, Jeremy, Cody, Doc Rob, and Greg

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30 Day Spring Challenge


Spring is finally here and summer is on its way.  Many of you are busy with kids events and getting ready for an active summer season.  Stress relief during this time of year is essential to keep you healthy and motivated.  To assist in the process, CrossFit Sioux Falls is adding a little spring challenge to your list of “must do” activities.  Along with attending your regular class time, we will also have on the whiteboard an additional workout that you can do either at the gym or at home.  All of the workouts are able to be done at home – the equipment required is easily available around the house.

The challenge is scheduled to start on Monday April 14th!  To make it easy, I will put two days of workouts on the board thus if you are a 3x a week member you will have the workout for the next day already written in your journal.  This is also a great reason to have a workout journal so you can write down the workouts along with your scores.  I encourages all of you to get your family, friends, kids, frankly anyone involved with fitness and you and CrossFit.  Go to a park and invite someone who doesn’t already CrossFit to do a workout with you.  Then bring them in to CrossFit Sioux Falls for a Free workout the next time you come in.  These workouts are not only good for you but a great way to introduce new people to CrossFit.

I will have the challenge ready and written on the back whiteboard.  If you want to participate please put your name on the board and get ready for a fun little spring challenge.  We will have drawing for prizes at the end of the 30 days for everyone who has finished all of the workouts.  I will also try to put up the workouts on facebook everyday for those of you who have vacations planed or will be out of the gym.

So get active…with anyone…spring is here!

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What is Happening at CFSF………



*Holiday Party is this Saturday the 18th at Bros Brasserie downtown 332 S Phillips Ave. Bring your friends and family; everyone is welcome.  It’s going to be a great time to meet new members, see friends and socialize.  We will be having drinks and appetizers.

* The first Paleo baseline workout was this Thursday, yet you will have until next Thursday to get your times in your folder so please get in and get your baseline workout done.  The next workout will be released this Thursday in class and will be on the Paleo whiteboard through the week.

* Our first Paleo meeting will be held this Sunday  the 19th at 6pm.  Please come prepared with your food journals and questions for us trainers to answer and look over.  We will also be having some food for you to sample and recipes to give out. It’s going to be a great time to learn more about Paleo and how to implement it into you and your families lifestyle.

* The sign-up has begun for the CrossFit Open!  If you are signing up for the open please make sure that you are signing up under CrossFit Sioux Falls team and affiliate.  There is two separate sign up options you must do.

* Classes are getting busy, and we are at an exciting time of year for CrossFit so please make sure that you are signing in for class!  It helps us have staff on hand so we can assist everyone in class better.

* Reminder of the new class time on Monday and Wednesday nights at 7:30pm; we had a great turn out for the first night 10+ people.

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holiday picture

Holiday Schedule and Upcoming Events…


Holiday Party!  Its time to get out of the LuLu’s and into some dressy attire and meet some new people.  We have a ton of new members and what better way to get to the old and the new together then to have a holiday party.  Save the date Saturday January 18th at 8:00pm downtown at Bros Brasserie located on Phillips Ave. 

Holiday Schedule and hours for Christmas and New Years:
Christmas Eve No 4:15, 5:30 or 6:30 our last class of the day is 3:15.
Closed Christmas Day.
Thursday No class at 5:30 or 6:30am and 9:30 will be a regular CF class instead of Open Gym.
No Sunday class December 29th!

January Schedule New Years Eve: No 4:15,5:30 or 6:30 last class is 3:15.
New Years Day closed!
Thursday No 5:30 or 6:30am 9:30 will be a regular class not open gym

There will be NO CrossFit Kids over the Christmas Break our new session will begin the week of January 6th!

We will be having a New Year New You Paleo Challenge starting on January 6th this will be a 6 week challenge that we will be doing in the gym along with a workout challenge each week.  Keep on the lookout for a blog coming soon with all of the details.  The more people who sign up the bigger the winning pot!

We are also going to be having our first Intro to CrossFit of the new year starting Monday January 6th as well.  If you are interested or know of someone who is please email us or call to get your name on the list remember space is limited! 

Mindbody is updated with holiday schedule so please sign up for classes!

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