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‘Intro to CrossFit’ – Next Class Starts Monday, April 21st

‘Intro to CrossFit’ – Next Class Starts Monday, April 21st

Intro to CrossFit Class is back at CrossFit Sioux Falls!  Our next class is set to start on Apirl 21st at 6:15pm, call, stop in or email us today if you are interested in this great opportunity.  Here are the details:

Do you want to change yourself? Be more lean, athletic, fit. Become faster, stronger, healthier. Feel better, more confident, and look the way you dream?

You can! And together, we can make it happen.

Come Join Our Great Community of Athletes

At CrossFit Sioux Falls, you not only have access to 45 weekly classes to transform your body, but coaches who will help you, guide you and motivate you to achieve a new you!

This is your best chance ever!  Start CrossFit with whole class full of people just like you as a part of our new beginners’ class, “Intro to CrossFit”.  Join others with their own goals and ambitions yet new to CrossFit and learn together from day 1, getting better day after day.  CrossFit from the ground up, building a foundation that you can use forever.  Better health, better body, better life.

“Intro to CrossFit” is for you! We start on April 21st, together moving forward.  


Class Details: “Intro to CrossFit”- learn the fundamentals and basics of CrossFit, perform body-changing workouts, experience life-lasting fitness.

Who: You, your friends, people who want to get fit, people who want to CrossFit and start with all new people, frankly anyone.

What: 12-session (one month long) strength and conditioning course that will teach the basic movements of Crossfit with a group of people who are all new to Crossfit.  We will also share nutrition, fun and life.

When:  Starts Monday, April 21st, 2014. Class will be held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings (for four weeks) at 6:30 pm.

Where: Crossfit of Sioux Falls, 3505 S Phillips Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57105.

Why:  Experience CrossFit while building an even better you.

Cost: $106 with tax.

For more information and to register please email, call 605-274-3474 or just stop into the gym anytime.

Let’s get started!

Contact us today,

The CFSF Team —

Liza, Casey, Zak, Jeremy, Cody, Doc Rob, and Greg

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granite games

Granite Games Community Info…


Although the Granite Games is in September this year they are taking a little different approach to how you are selected to participate either as an individual or as a team.  In order to compete this year you must participate in the 3 week Online Competition starting the week of June 4th-June 22nd.  The format of the competition is going to be just like the CrossFit Open, where workouts will be released on Wednesday and you will have until Sunday to complete and enter your score.  We will have opportunities available for everyone interested in participating to do the workouts and be judged.

The release of the workouts are:
June 4th
June 11th
June 18th

When registering make sure you register under team CrossFit Sioux Falls and use the discount code ATHLETE2014 this will give you a $5 discount on your Online Qualifier registrations which is $25.

There are several Divisions that you can register for after the Online Competition is complete.  In order to participate in any of the divisions of the Granite Games you must also participate in the online qualifying workouts.

Divisions Include
Individual AsRx
Community Team (2 men/2 woman)
Team Open (2 athletes same gender)
Team Open Scaled (2 athletes same gender)
Masters 40+
Masters 45+
Masters 50+

Registration opens tomorrow April 15th and goes until the first workout on June 4th is released.  Get signed up right away so you don’t forget and get prepared for the Granite Games on September 12th-14th! If you have any questions please check out the granite games official website

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30 Day Spring Challenge


Spring is finally here and summer is on its way.  Many of you are busy with kids events and getting ready for an active summer season.  Stress relief during this time of year is essential to keep you healthy and motivated.  To assist in the process, CrossFit Sioux Falls is adding a little spring challenge to your list of “must do” activities.  Along with attending your regular class time, we will also have on the whiteboard an additional workout that you can do either at the gym or at home.  All of the workouts are able to be done at home – the equipment required is easily available around the house.

The challenge is scheduled to start on Monday April 14th!  To make it easy, I will put two days of workouts on the board thus if you are a 3x a week member you will have the workout for the next day already written in your journal.  This is also a great reason to have a workout journal so you can write down the workouts along with your scores.  I encourages all of you to get your family, friends, kids, frankly anyone involved with fitness and you and CrossFit.  Go to a park and invite someone who doesn’t already CrossFit to do a workout with you.  Then bring them in to CrossFit Sioux Falls for a Free workout the next time you come in.  These workouts are not only good for you but a great way to introduce new people to CrossFit.

I will have the challenge ready and written on the back whiteboard.  If you want to participate please put your name on the board and get ready for a fun little spring challenge.  We will have drawing for prizes at the end of the 30 days for everyone who has finished all of the workouts.  I will also try to put up the workouts on facebook everyday for those of you who have vacations planed or will be out of the gym.

So get active…with anyone…spring is here!

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who you are

Happy New Year and Happy New You……..

It’s the start of a new year; Happy New Year!  Did you also make time for those New Year goals for your health and nutrition?  Well all of us at CrossFit Sioux Falls are here to help — mark your calendar and get ready to commit yourself to health and wellness.

CFSF Paleo 2014 – New Year New You Challenge

Start Date: Wednesday January 15th and will run 6 complete weeks through February 26th.  We added in an extra 2 weeks from today to allow you to plan, prepare, get mentally ready to succeed.  So January 15…no excuses.

Cost: $50, yet all the money will be given back in-full via prizes to the top 3 Men and Women winners; additional winners possible if warranted.

How the Challenge Works:

1).  Though our last Paleo Challenge was a partner challenge, this one will be an Individual Challenge.  That doesn’t mean you are on your own though as we are all a team working to better each other.

2). We will take measurements, pictures, weight, and a baseline workout that you have never done before; yeah not the 500M, 40,30,20,10 but something a bit different.

3). There is also going to be a point system to hold you accountable for what you are putting in your body, both food and supplement wise, along with your activity level and workouts.

4). You will not be required to journal your food but we highly recommend doing so.  Knowing what you are putting in your body is one of the most important ways of being successful with any type of lifestyle change.  We can’t help you unless we know and understand what you are eating and putting into your body.

5). We will also be having weekly meeting. These meeting are not mandatory to do the challenge, but they will be extra credit points and also be filled with great information to keep you motivated and have great success during the 6 weeks.  We will have trainer’s rotation on the meeting so that you can get a different perspective on how Paleo works in everyone’s life.  We will also be bring in meals for you to try and see how great Paleo can taste.

6). We will also have a different baseline workout once a week we will run in class; you are not required to do all of the baseline workouts but you do get points for them and they are FREE workouts to all that are doing the challenge.  We will have them run the same day each week as a class workout.  The only required workout is the first baseline workout; you must do that to compare times for the finals.

7).  All of the trainers will get together and pick the top 3 men and woman at the end of the 6 weeks.  Everyone who participated in the challenge will get to vote for the winners.

*We will have measurements and pictures taken on the 13 and 14th with the official start date being Wednesday January 15th.

Things you need to do before meeting: 

1). Sign up on the Whiteboard next to the Attendance Challenge.

2). Get a notebook and a pen; your going to want to journal your food.

3). Commit to working out at least 3 times a week.

4). Get ready to learn a lot, have fun, and feel better than you every have.

* We will have a detailed CFSF Intro to Paleo meeting on Tuesday January 7th; at the meeting we will give out a shopping list, help you with a food journal and answer any questions you may have at that time.  


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holiday picture

Holiday Schedule and Upcoming Events…


Holiday Party!  Its time to get out of the LuLu’s and into some dressy attire and meet some new people.  We have a ton of new members and what better way to get to the old and the new together then to have a holiday party.  Save the date Saturday January 18th at 8:00pm downtown at Bros Brasserie located on Phillips Ave. 

Holiday Schedule and hours for Christmas and New Years:
Christmas Eve No 4:15, 5:30 or 6:30 our last class of the day is 3:15.
Closed Christmas Day.
Thursday No class at 5:30 or 6:30am and 9:30 will be a regular CF class instead of Open Gym.
No Sunday class December 29th!

January Schedule New Years Eve: No 4:15,5:30 or 6:30 last class is 3:15.
New Years Day closed!
Thursday No 5:30 or 6:30am 9:30 will be a regular class not open gym

There will be NO CrossFit Kids over the Christmas Break our new session will begin the week of January 6th!

We will be having a New Year New You Paleo Challenge starting on January 6th this will be a 6 week challenge that we will be doing in the gym along with a workout challenge each week.  Keep on the lookout for a blog coming soon with all of the details.  The more people who sign up the bigger the winning pot!

We are also going to be having our first Intro to CrossFit of the new year starting Monday January 6th as well.  If you are interested or know of someone who is please email us or call to get your name on the list remember space is limited! 

Mindbody is updated with holiday schedule so please sign up for classes!

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Welcome Cody Anderson to CrossFit Sioux Falls

While a bio, photo and complete resume post highlighting his skills seems appropriate, it is most important to answer a burning question: “who was that guy at CFSF last week?” It is exciting to announce the answer as this week you may notice another face around CrossFit Sioux Falls.  Starting Monday, CFSF will gain the expertise and talents of yet another experienced, skilled and talented CrossFit Trainer.  CrossFit Sioux Falls, welcome Cody Anderson.

Cody is co-founder of CrossFit OCI in Lakeland, FL and originally from Windom, MN.  He has been doing CrossFit as an athlete for about 3 years and been coaching for over 2 years.  With experience in the Navy as well as starting a CrossFit on his own, we am excited to share together in the growth of CFSF.  As athletes, he has much experience to share and welcomes meeting all of you.  Please welcome Cody over the next few days as he transitions into his roles at CFSF.




As CrossFit Sioux Falls is quickly closing in on 5 years of operation as a live, sustainable and thriving CrossFit business in Sioux Falls, there is much going on in the gym.  In the hustle of the days and weeks, many times we stop to reflect and celebrate so many great happenings.  Let’s do a highlight right now of 3  additional updates as we look ahead:

1) Mitch and Molly tied the knot last night 11/16/2013.  As I still think of the awesome celebration that took place yesterday, I smile at their God-centered relationship and pray for the best for them and their future.  It was a special event and we celebrate with them. On to the honeymoon!

2) Tyler Resch has made the decision to focus on his personal life and family and is no longer coaching at CrossFit Sioux Falls.  I always enjoyed Tyler, his talents and contributions to CFSF as an athlete, coach and trainer to both adults and kid.  Tyler, thank you for allowing us to learn through your skill.  Find the best ahead!

3) CrossFit Sioux Falls is heading into the end of 2013 with awesome classes, always progressing athletes and the best coaching in Sioux Falls.  Just yesterday, Jeremy had 33 athletes in a fun-filled Saturday 8:30am class.  The enthusiasm and atmosphere has never been higher at CFSF.  And the athletic training and coaching continues to excel.  No matter your current fitness level, everyone is welcome and we strive daily to change lives in a positive fit manner.  Heading into the 2014 CrossFit Open we are excited to see our athletes continue to perform at high levels.


On to the end of 2013…onward!


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End of Whole Life Challenge……

We hope you had a safe and fun Halloween


Friday is the last day of the Whole Life Challenge for those of you who are still participating in the challenge you need to make sure to enter your measurements and your workout scores in by tomorrow evening.  I know this has been a great challenge and learning experience for many of you.  Especially those who are new to CrossFit and the Paleo Diet. 

 We would love to hear all about the changes that you have seen not only physically but mentally as well.  How has changing your diet and doing the challenge impacted your life, your families life, and your workouts? 

If you were not able to participate in this challenge we will be starting another one in January right after the holidays and the New Year.  We would love to have everyone participate so be ready and watch for more information after the holidays. 

  Athletes Choice/Makeup Day
5X 45 Sec Work/ 15 Sec Rest
Row for Cal
Anchored Situps

On the Minute, for 10 Minute
5 High Wall Ball
3 Handstand Pushups

50 KB Swings
100 Double Unders
50 Burpees

15 Minutes Row
30 Hard/30 steady pace
45 hard/15 steady pace
*score total meters

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Happy Tuesday 10.08.13

* Remember to sign up for the Fall Throwdown and Halloween Party in the gym, sign up sheets are on the whiteboard by the couch.  We have a lot of girls teams so now we need some guys teams to get together and get signed up.

* The Whole Life Challenge and Fitness Challenge is still going on make sure you are getting your points registered everyday.  Our Fitness Challenge for this week is Handstand Push Ups and Handstand Holds.

*Classes are getting busy especially at the 4:15 and 5:30 time slots so please make sure you are signing in for class.

* If you are interested in competing in some off season competitions we have info on Freeze Fest Team Challenge and also CrossFit Kilo’s Field of Teams Competition.  We already have a couple teams going but it would always be great to get a couple more.  Ask Casey or Liza for more information.

Skill and Strength 
On a 90 Sec Clock
2 Position Clean adding weight
each round

Workout of the Day
4 Rounds
200 Ft Shuttle Run
Row (300/250)
-Rest 1:1- 

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red hats

Halloween Potluck and Party- Let’s Get Our Costumes On


Well here we are again it’s time for our annual Fall Throwdown and Halloween Party Potluck.  We want everyone to grab a partner and sign up for the Fall Throwdown, this will not be an all day event. We are planning on being done around 1:00 so that everyone can go home spend time with there families and then get back to the gym for the party starting around 8.  

This is a potluck so make or buy your favorite dish and bring enough to share with everyone.  Fill your coolers as well with your favorite beverages and lets get our party on.  The only stipulation is you must be in Costume in the evening, costumes are not required for the Throwdown itself.  

If you do not participate in the Throwdown you are still welcome for the potluck bring your friends, boyfriends whoever the more the merrier! 

Skill and Strength
Muscle Up Progressions

Workout of the Day
12 Min AMRAP
50 Ft Walking Lunges Forward
7 Pull Ups
50 Ft Walking Lunges Backward
7 Push Ups
10 Box Jumps 

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3rd Annual CFSF Fall Throwdown/Halloween Party 2013

3rd Annual CFSF Fall Throwdown/Halloween Party 2013


Sweatin to the Oldies


  • Men’s/Women’s Divisions
  • 2-person Teams
  • 8am start time (likely completed by 1PM)
  • Free of charge to compete
  • Open to CFSF members (You may invite a guest)
  • No coaches or former Regional competitors/Affiliate team members  (SEE BELOW EVENT DESCRIPTIONS)
  • Traveling plate-trophies for top teams in each division
  • Halloween/Costume party to follow:  7PM back @ the gym!


***All workouts are subject to some (minor) change and will scale-able for everyone!!


–Event 1–

In 10 minutes, teammates will each establish a 3RM Front Squat for total weight

  • 7/5 Pull-up buy in for each attempt (9/7 banded).
  • Taken from the rack.


–Event 2–

For Time:

Run 800M with a 45/35# plate

60 Shoulder-to-Overhead (95/65#)

Row 800M with partner performing double-unders

  • Both run the full 800M at the same time.  The plate may be transported any way you want.
  • Reps of S-OH are cumulative, may be split between teammates any way you want.
  • Row is 800M total.  You may only row while your partner is performing continuous double-unders.  Partners must switch with every break in double-unders.


--Event 3–

AMRAP 7 Minutes for total reps, 3-rep ascending ladder of:

Power Cleans (135/85)

Wallball Shots (20/14), to the black line

  • One teammate will start with 3 power cleans/3 wallball shots, the other will repeat.  The first will then perform 6/6, and so-on alternating partners for 7 minutes.



Intermission entertainment: “Beat The Coaches”

Here’s your chance to turn the tables.  Between events, we’ll have CFSF coaches and former regional competitors perform workouts that you create.  We’ll have a hopper/bag filled with workouts that you submit, and that day we’ll draw the workouts and the coaches/athletes to perform them.  Get creative!

  • Drop-box will be in the front office.
  • Workouts must be 10 minutes or less in length, and we must be able to perform them in the gym with the equipment we have.
  • Examples:  Name workouts like “Grace” or “Fran”,  Max lifts (Snatch, Clean & Jerk), or anything you can find/come up with.

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