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gift of fitness

Tis the Season For Fitness……

gift of fitness


Tis the season for gift giving, so why not give yourself and a friend the gift of fitness and get rewarded for it in return.  CrossFit Sioux Falls is all about friendships and fitness and this is the perfect time to get all of your friends in the gym to workout with you, because nobody likes to workout alone.

For every active member who brings a friend in to join, here is the deal for BOTH of you

Starting December 15-January 2nd we will be offering current members half of there next month and there friends half of there first month for joining CrossFit Sioux Falls.  This is for everyone – part time and full time members if you are a student, fire, military, or police you still get the regular reduced rate plus the half off your first month.  If a member brings in 2 friends who join, each friend will get 1/2 off their 1st month and the current member will get a free month (1/2 x 2).

The holidays can be a crazy hectic time of year and the first thing that we forget to take care of is ourselves.  This is the perfect gift to give yourself and a friend.  Challenge yourself to be more than what you ever thought you could be.  What ever your goals are to gain muscle, lose weight, gain some great friends, or just a stress release make 2015 your year, CFSF can kick-start you.  What are you waiting for? Stop by the gym, call (605) 274-3474, facebook , or email ( today!

CrossFit Sioux Falls
3505 S Phillips Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57105
(605) 274-3474



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Fall throwdown winners 2013

Winter Throwdown and Holiday Party

Fall throwdown winners 2013


The date has been set, and we are ready to roll!  The 2014 Winter Throwdown and Holiday Party is Saturday, January 10th tentative start time is 8:30 am and we should finish around 2 pm.  In the evening of the 10th, we will be having our Holiday Party downtown with full plans and location disclosed as the date approaches; this is open to all members and their significant no matter if you participated in the Throwdown.

The format will make fun a fun yet competitive event to motivate all.  The Winter Throwdown will consist of a 2- person same sex team, and we will be running scaled and Rx teams together just modifying weight and reps so there is equal work between groups.  Every level of CrossFitter is welcome to sign up, and this is an in gym CFSF members only Throwdown.  If you are having trouble finding a partner and want to participate talk to me or one of the coaches and we can help you get paired up with some.

This event is a fun event for everyone.  All the movements will be general CrossFit movements, nothing unknown or crazy.  We will be having 1 lift and 3 workouts all in the moderate time frame.  We will be announcing the workouts the week of the competition so you have a chance to digest what you need to do.  Cost for the event is $50 a team, we will have a sign up sheet on the whiteboard on Monday.  If you don’t want to compete but would like to volunteer to help set up, move equipment, or judge I will have a sign up sheet for volunteers as well.

The traveling-plate trophies are on the line for both male and female divisions, this is going to be a great day of fun and festivities!

winter throwdown





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american flag boots

Upcoming Events and Information for Holidays……..





american flag boots

Tuesday Veteran’s Day…
CrossFit Communities all over the world will celebrate Veterans Day tomorrow by doing the Three Wise Men tribute workout.  The workout was designed to raise money to help those Veterans who have come home from war but are struggling with life after the military.  It is a great way to pay tribute to all of our Veterans.  The workout itself consists of 3 different named workouts: Jeremy, Ben and Beau.  All three workouts are 4 minutes each with a 2 minute break between each workout.  If you are interested in donating to the Three Wise Men fund, here is the link

Paleo Challenge Prize Winners…
Our first LuRong Paleo Challenge ended this Sunday.  Everyone who participated did an amazing job. The workouts were not easy and added on to your weeks class workouts; they were darn right hard as ever.  It was great to see many of you in the gym more often working out and getting the work done.  After validating all of the scores, we will be giving prizes out to the top 3 winners using the stats that we get from LuRong.  Everyone did an awesome job with the challenge and many of you had some amazing results.  Just because the challenge is over doesn’t mean you should stop and go back to your regular old eating habits … remember this is a lifestyle not diet.  Keep making healthy choices and getting your workouts in every week.  I will announce the winners this Friday morning.

Holiday Throwdown…
Many of you are patiently waiting for the announcement of our holiday Throwdown, which in past years was our Fall Throwdown.  The expansion of the gym and our visit from the great Kendrick Farris has moved our awesome in house event to the holiday  season.  I know for many of you this is a busy time of year yet we want to make this a fun community weekend we all can enjoy.  We have not set a date officially as I wanted to get feedback from all of you … When is the best weekend to have this event?  We are looking for a Saturday afternoon in December the second or third weekend if possible.  We will have the Throwdown in the afternoon and Christmas Party in the evening.  The format will be the same 2 person, same sex partners. We are looking at 3 to 4 events plus the final.  Only CFSF members are allowed to compete; this is a fun event for all skill levels with workouts that have straight forward movements.  Start looking for a partner and get ready to compete and have a ton of fun.

Winter Weather Policy..
Winter Weather is upon us as it is getting cold.  The snow is starting to fly through the air which means we are going to have bad weather along with Sioux Falls Schools having late starts and cancellations at times. Remember if the Sioux Falls public schools are opening late or canceled, CrossFit Sioux Falls is also opening late which means NO Early Morning classes.  5:30am and 6:30am will be cancelled immediately upon the closing of Sioux Falls Public Schools due to weather.  We want to keep YOU and our trainers safe and this assures everyone is notified in advance.  The first class of the day will be 8:30am at the earliest; please check Facebook or we will do our best to update Mindbody Scheduler as fast as possible (though the early morning could be incorrect FYI).  If you are on facebook please check for updates on opening times, along with early closing times because of bad weather as well.  We will try to let everyone know in advance so that you have time to plan your workout and day accordingly.

The New Space (“The Cube”)..
Many of you have been asking about the new space and what we are going to use it for.  The new space is amazing and as the cold sets in the ability to workout outside becomes smaller and smaller.  Many of our class sizes are growing bigger and bigger and the new space allows us to spread out and split classes if needed.  We are also planning a future using it for CrossFit Kids class, both group and private kids classes, early morning intro classes, more Barbell Club classes, and we are looking at adding some night endurance classes a couple times a week.  All of this said, we will do our best to roll it out in a coordinated fashion and make the best additions rather then just tossing up random tests.  So in the meantime, we hope you benefit from it at a minimum by just having even more equipment and space in our large room as we build ahead in an organized manner.

Please make sure you are not taking any of the equipment out of “The Cube” and make sure any equipment that you bring in gets out!  The coaches and myself have worked hard to make the new space clean and usable for all! We will be adding some open gym times to the space during normal class times this winter for those of you who want to get your lifts in or do skill work; we will be posting times on the door as they are available.

Thanks all.

-Liza and team.




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barbells for boobs2

Barbells For Boobs October 25th

barbells for boobs2

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to celebrate we are hosting Barbells for Boobs.

“Barbells for Boobs” is a non-profit organization dedicated to the early detection of breast cancer, with an emphasis on women and men under the age of 40. Inspired by athletes everywhere, local communities come together, fund raise, and help us detect potentially life threatening breast cancer occurrences.”

We will be doing a partner style “Fight Gone Bad” type workout; the movements we will be doing are wallballs, burpees, rowing, push press, and box jumps/step ups.  This event is open to all members, non-members, friends, family, or anyone who has been affected or knows someone who has been affected by Breast Cancer or any other type of cancer. The workout times will be 8:30am and 9:30am for the partner workout. 10:30 we will have a “Max Out for Boobs” where you can max out your clean, jerk, clean and jerk, snatch, back squat, front squat, or a combination of lifts.  If you are interested in bring your kids to workout with you that is fantastic, yet to make it a win-win for all kids (and you) must attend the 9:30 workout and the kids must be at least 10 years of age.

Wear pink if you can or something honoring someone you know who has been affected by Cancer.

We ask that you donate to the cause either under the CrossFit Sioux Falls team on or bring a cash donation the day of the event. We have an events page on our facebook page so please join our event so we can plan accordingly.







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Update: #BlessTheGym Tour @ CrossFit Sioux Falls This Sunday!

Reminder this Sunday! Oct 26th, only a couple spots remain! Email with any questions or to grab your spot!

You can choose to pay by credit card for $235.00 or cash/check for $225.00. Your spot is reserved when we receive payment.

Official times soon, but be prepared for 8:30am to 3:00 pm on Sunday (with 1 hour lunch).

CrossFit Sioux Falls is proud to announce we have made our gym a stop for the #BlessTheGym Tour put on by two time and current Olympian Kendrick Farris.

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy of

This is a one day seminar on Sunday October 26th focusing on the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Come expecting to be coached by one of, if not the, best lifters to ever represent the stars and stripes. If you would like to use PVC to warm up, that is fine, but but come ready to work up to 80% as this will be a live camp. We couldn’t be happier to have this opportunity right here at CrossFit Sioux Falls.


This is a one day seminar, Sunday Oct 26th @ CrossFit Sioux Falls. Expect a seminar brief from Kendrick before the 2 hour morning session, lunch break, then 2 hour afternoon session, followed up with time for pictures and time with Kendrick Farris. Please note no video will be allowed any time during the seminar, and only paid attendees will be allowed in the gym during the seminar. We will provide more specifics to the attendees as the date approaches. Reserve your spot now!!!

Any question please contact Matt Byers

Also, check out in the mean time.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

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LuRong Paleo Challenge Starting September 15th

For those of you who are interested in changing your way of thinking about food and improving not only your performance in the gym but in life this Paleo Challenge is for you.  Registration opens today August 11th, so stop thinking about making a change and get ready to do it!  Athletes will be tested in 10 workouts which include 3 benchmark WODs and 4 performance WODs.  This allows participants to challenge themselves physically, see how much they improve, and how they match up with others.  This is also a great opportunity to win prizes and learn how easy eating Paleo can be. Check out the challenge at, get signed up today!

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‘Intro to CrossFit’ – Next Session Starts Monday, Sept 15th

Intro to CrossFit Class is back at CrossFit Sioux Falls!  Our next class is set to start on Monday Sept 15th at 6:15pm, call, stop in or email us today if you are interested in this great opportunity.  Here are the details:

Do you want to change yourself? Be more lean, athletic, fit. Become faster, stronger, healthier. Feel better, more confident, and look the way you dream?

You can! And together, we can make it happen.


Come Join Our Great Community of Athletes

At CrossFit Sioux Falls, you not only have access to over 45 weekly classes to transform your body, but coaches who will help you, guide you and motivate you to achieve a new you!

This is your best chance ever!  Start CrossFit with whole class full of people just like you as a part of our new beginners’ class, “Intro to CrossFit”.  Join others with their own goals and ambitions yet new to CrossFit and learn together from day 1, getting better day after day.  CrossFit from the ground up, building a foundation that you can use forever.  Better health, better body, better life.

“Intro to CrossFit” is for you! We start on Sept 15th, together moving forward.  


Class Details: “Intro to CrossFit”- learn the fundamentals and basics of CrossFit, perform body-changing workouts, experience life-lasting fitness.

Who: You, your friends, people who want to get fit, people who want to CrossFit and start with all new people, frankly anyone.

What: 12-session strength and conditioning course that will teach the basic movements of Crossfit with a group of people who are all new to Crossfit.  We will also share nutrition, fun and life.

When:  Starts Monday, Sept 15th, 2014. Class will be held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings at 6:30 pm.

Where: Crossfit of Sioux Falls, 3505 S Phillips Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57105.

Why:  Experience CrossFit while building an even better you.

Cost: $106 with tax.

For more information and to register please email, call 605-274-3474 or just stop into the gym anytime.

Let’s get started!

Contact us today,

The CFSF Team —

Liza, Cody, Matt,  Zak, Doc Rob, Jeremy, and Greg










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The Transition from “That Day”

The Transition from “That Day”

Casey Mouw – CrossFit Sioux Falls


You try to put it off as long as possible.  In this case, we have been blessed, fortunate, thankful to have 9 months to get to “That Day.”  “That day,” the last day of Casey Mouw working at CrossFit Sioux Falls (at least in this stint – yes I am wishfully selfish), finally came today.

I had lunch with Liza today and asked her if she was going to share anything.  “I need to but I do not think I can.  I just can’t do it.” Yay -Lucky me ;)  So with what is now “This Day,” I thought I would share a few thoughts.  (By the way, I am typing this at 4:43pm, Thursday August 14, 2014.  “That Day” is August 15.)


I think it is important for all to know that Liza and myself support Casey 100%.  While Liza and I did discuss with Casey numerous options to never reach “This Day,” we both love him and wish him only the best; we hope he reaches out if ever in need of anything or just someone to talk to, visit, or hang out with.  He has been a blessing to our entire family, our kids love him, and we will miss him in our daily lives.  I asked Liza last week, what will she miss the most and she replied, “just seeing him and knowing he is going to be in the gym.”  I pondered her words and have to agree myself.  He truly has made our lives better.

Not sure if everyone knows this, but it is difficult to type with tears in your eyes.  And while I planned to share some of the special, behind the scenes happenings, personal stories and stuff only Liza, myself and Casey know, we remain a somewhat guarded group who will retain these memories in exchange for smiles at each other. Yes folks, Casey does smile!  Quite a bit actually.

And we do have plans to keep him in our lives…so this is not a tear-jerking story that just ends.  It is a transition!!!

In the past 4 years CrossFit Sioux Falls has evolved into a premier CrossFit and strength and conditioning program with Casey as the Lead Trainer doing vast responsibilities in the gym.  We could count on him for any need; he just makes things happen.  Had he not been involved from our start, CrossFit Sioux Falls would not be what it is today.  Yet today, we can thank him as we have a strong team: Cody, Matt, Jeremy, Zak, Doc Rob, Liza and myself.  We also have Casey still involved in behind the scenes programming capacities.  We have all the people in place to continue ahead what we started together as a team four January’s ago.  We will transition and do it well.

To close, these posts are never easy to write.  I do not like these days.  “I’m not good at good-bye’s” – arms wide open. And there is so many things that could be said, yet I think it fitting to just end with just a simple note to share with all on some closing thoughts for Casey.



Thank you for all you have done, we will miss you – both CrossFit Sioux Falls and our family.  I will always be grateful for the care and time you have for our kids; you have become part of our family.  I will forever appreciate you being a cherished friend to Liza, in fact the lunches and dinners in just the past couple weeks have been special.  She will miss you deeply; as you know you are so dear to her. Seeing you grow up has been a sheer joy for me; you have gone from a college kid to an awesome adult for which I have high expectations and aspirations.  We have experienced and learned much together; thank you.  Your dad and mom are proud of you and that is fun to see in their eyes as well.  Liza and I pray for your dreams to come true and appreciate your desire to make big things happen; you can do it, even if the “it” changes.  You will be a success in your next pursuit, just as you have been in this stop. We loved this stop; make just a big of impact on the next one.  Liza and I love you and wish you the best; we are here for you. Please call once in a while or often, maybe daily :) And we look forward to seeing where the future takes you.  And when you feel the desire to stop back  home, all of CrossFit Sioux Falls is here for you.  Onward!


Liza and Greg


PS: Get out tonight to Bros and celebrate with all of us and Casey tonight (Friday, August 15) at 8:00pm.  If running a few minutes late, we will be there ;)



Please feel free to comment to Casey as desired.






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Fittest of the Falls 3

“Fittest of the Falls 3″ Registration and Events

Fittest of the Falls 3 – August 1-2


Welcome Athletes.  Preparation and planning is coming together nicely and we are excited to welcome 100 athletes to “Fittest of the Falls 3.”  Registration opens today (June 10) and will be on a first come, first served basis for the 1st 50 co-ed teams (1 male + 1 female athlete).  Last year we had athletes from 5 states encompassing great skills competing and we hope to get the same breadth and depth of competition once again this year.  Here are many of the event details as well as “HOW TO REGISTER”:

Date: August 1-2.  Registration begins from 4-6pm Friday, August 1 with the 1st event Friday at 6:30pm at our CrossFit Sioux Falls location.  We will be transitioning to the USF Sports Complex for all events on Saturday including Events 2-4 and a Finale with 6-teams qualifying to compete in this Event 5.  All competition will be done by 5:30pm Saturday, August 2, 2014.

Entry Fee: $150 per team; select between Rx or Scaled divisions

Prizes: Prizes will be awarded to the Top 3 teams in each division.  Additionally, we will have event prizes for the winning team of each of the events 1-4.

USF Sports Complex



AND NOW REGISTRATION - on to the important stuff: (please complete each step – help make our life easier)

 1. SELECT YOUR TEAM DIVISION (Rx or Scaled) and complete payment details using our MindBody processing.

2. COMPLETE WAIVERS (Each competitor must do this themselves) please do this right after registration so we have it complete.

3. EMAIL US YOUR Team Details to – (here is what we need) again, please send us this after payment

  • Team Name – what you will compete as
  • Name of Each Teammate (first and last names please)
  • T-shirt size for EACH Teammate

And there it is…1-2-3.  Select your division and click on the link above to go to a shopping cart and checkout.  Each person then complete their own Waiver online. AND finally send us the email with your Team Name, Individual Names and your respective t-shirt sizes.

See you all the 1st day of August!

–Fittest of the Falls

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granite games

Granite Games Friday Night Lights

The Granite Games qualifying workouts begin this week and we will be doing a Friday Night Lights format.  We have been thinking about doing this during the open and this will be a great time to test it out and see how it goes.  Our plan right now is to have warm up start right after our last class which is 5:30pm.  Everyone should be ready to go for the first heat by 7pm, we will have the heats on Facebook Thursday night so you know exactly when you compete.

We want to make Friday night fun and we will do a gym social afterward this first week and then we will have planned events for the last two weeks.  We need everyone who is participating to sign up on the main board at the gym!  The workouts will not be anything different then the open, so if you competed in that or are interested in competing for the first time this is a great opportunity to challenge yourself in a fun environment.

Make sure when you sign up you use our team code to get your discount ATHLETE14 and you sign up under our community CrossFit Sioux Falls.

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