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Are You Ready……

It’s your time CrossFit Sioux Falls athletes. Time to represent!

I hope that I have gotten your attention because registration for the CrossFit Games Sections starts today! We want everyone to participate in this event; the workouts are made so that almost any athlete can participate and enter a score scaled or unscaled. We have no pre-set expectations; we just want a record number of athletes to participate. This is an event where you can learn a lot about yourself, experience the CrossFit atmosphere and compete – really feel that desire to achieve! It is fun. If you have more questions about Sectionals stop by our offices and get more information!

What do you still need to work on and are you hoping shows up in the games? We all have our favorites; the things we hope show up in a workout, things we want to train everyday. It’s the other movements, the ones we are not so skilled that we never want to train or focus our attention that can sneak up. You have 20 days to make your list and check it twice. Have you met or exceeded your goals from last years Sectionals and are you still working? Whether you are peaking or in a bit of a trough, you can step-up and play the game.

Everyone knows my goat, Hand Stand Push-ups. I despise them. In fact, the more I work on HSPU, the more frustrated I get. All of that being said, I come in everyday and work on them. I even have pillows and ab-mats at home to work on them. I am not going to give up or let one movement hold me back. Though I may need your motivation when they show up, I believe training, adrenaline and our atmosphere make opportunities to achieve. You need to look at everyday as a new day, another chance to PR or to get a movement that has been getting you. Everyday you must come into the gym and act as though it is game day. Going through the motions will not get the job done, you must do your best work everyday.

One thing that was really drilled into our heads on our trip to New England was mental games and being mentally tough. You must have mental clarity when you go into a workout, visualize yourself doing the workout. If you are lifting, visualize the lifts. Visualize the entire lift; exactly what you are doing, from the jump to the shrug in a power clean, visualize the lift. When you have positive thoughts you are more likely to finish stronger then second guessing your abilities. It is up to you and us to have positive talk and go into a workout with a plan. We all look at a workout and think this is going to be great or this is going to be awful. What we all really need to be thinking is “what is my plan for this workout?” – how am I going to give everything I have to do my best in this WOD.

How are you preparing for sectionals or how do you prepare everyday for your workout? Do you focus and make everyday a game day or do you just wing it and hope for the best? How is your nutrition? Are you eating what you need to succeed or are you eating based on emotions and lack of self control?

Today is your day. Make 2012 your year to succeed and meet all of your goals. Be a better you. Do things for the first time, again and better. Leave everything on the floor -sweat, blood, and tears. Make every training session count. No more going through the motions! It’s your time. The CrossFit Games are here. YOU ARE READY!


5 Responses to “Are You Ready……”

  1. Specialk says:

    I can’t wait! I just got butterflies in my tummy when I read that we could register today!

    Last year I could barely do a double under and had just learned to do pullups, so I actually talked myself out of signing up. Then, they gave us another week…UGH! I went for it and had a blast!

    The last workout of sectionals included chest to bar pullups. My number one goat and after a year, I still haven’t gotten more than a couple. So, hopefully they don’t pop up in the rotation for a least a few weeks.

    If you are wondering if you should sign up, DO IT!

  2. LD says:

    yeeeaaahhhhh budddddddyyyyyy!! For all those crossfitters that are wondering if they should do the open… DO IT!! I was pressured into doing it last year by Liza and TK, and I am so glad they forced me out of my comfort zone to do some friendly competition. I am a “part timer” and last year I thought I had no business competing in sectionals, but honestly it was the best experience ever. Come on CFSF, lets represent!!

  3. Mamacita says:

    Very nicely said. I will be honest that with a bum arm I have been feeling like I am in the trough this past couple weeks. One of my main goals was to accomplish a muscle up before games started, that isn’t going to happen but I have kept my eye on the prize no matter what and wether or not I will be able to compete at full capacity only time will tell but CFSF you can COUNT on ME to participate. I watched every Saturday last year and it felt amazing just too watch the amazing athletes we have in our gym – I can only imagine how it must feel to participate.

    So lets DO IT!

  4. Pili says:

    Hey, SFCF!

    I am a local “unaffiliated” crossfitter. We moved here a few months ago and I wanted to ask if you guys will be open to judging non-member Sectional WODs?

  5. AHoff says:

    I’m ready to participate for the CrossFit Open 2012!!! My only question is after reading the sectionals sign-up sheet this morning…my understanding is when i register online I will pay the $20 that they charge, but through CrossFit Sioux Falls I’ll be charged $50 as well? That’s my understanding…please let me know.


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